transitive verb
1. (house, office) 
a. revolver 
2. (pockets, drawer) 
a. rebuscar en 
rifle [ˈraɪfl]
1 (gun) rifle (m); fusil (m)
2 the Rifles (regiment) los fusileros; el regimiento de fusileros
transitive verb
(Téc) estriar; rayar
rifle butt (n) culata (f) de rifle
rifle fire (n) fuego (m) de fusilería
rifle range (n) (Mil) campo (m) de tiro; (at fair) barraca (f) de tiro al blanco
rifle shot (n) tiro (m) de fusil
within rifle shot a tiro de fusil
rifle [ˈraɪfl]
transitive verb
(search) desvalijar
to rifle a case desvalijar una maleta; the house had been rifled habían saqueado la casa; they rifled the house in search of money saquearon la casa en busca de dinero; to rifle sb's pockets vaciar los bolsillos a algn
rifle through
intransitive verb
rebuscar en; revolver
I discover my husband rifling through the filing cabinet The men rifled through his clothing and snatched the wallet There were lockers by each seat and I rifled the
masculine noun
1. (weapon) 
a. rifle 
Los asaltantes del banco iban armados de rifles y escopetas.The bank robbers were armed with rifles and shotguns.
1. (general) 
a. rifle 
(arma) rifle; (Dep) sporting rifle; (Caza) hunting gun
rifle de repetición repeating rifle
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