feminine noun
1. rein (de caballería)
  • aflojar las riendas (figurative) -> to ease up
  • comer a rienda suelta (figurative) -> to eat one's fill
  • dar rienda suelta a (figurative) -> to give free rein to
  • llevar o tener las riendas (figurative) -> to hold the reins, to be in control

rienda [re-en’-dah]
1. Rein of a bridle. (f)
2. Moderation, restraint in speech and action. (f)
noun, plural
3. Government, direction. (Metaphorical)
4. Reins of the feuding horse.
  • A rienda suelta -> loose-reined, violently, swiftly
  • Soltar la rienda -> to give way to vices or passions
  • Tener las riendas -> to bolts the reins, to hold back a horse
  • Tirar las riendas -> to draw back, to restrain

1 (correa) rein
aflojar las riendas to let up
empuñar las riendas to take charge
llevar las riendas to be in charge; be in control
soltar las riendas to let go
a rienda suelta (con toda libertad) without the least restraint; (con celeridad) at top speed
dar rienda suelta a to give free rein to
dar rienda suelta a los deseos to really indulge o.s.; dar rienda suelta a la imaginación to let one's imagination run wild; dar rienda suelta al llanto to weep uncontrollably; dar rienda suelta a algn to give sb a free hand
2 (moderación) restraint; moderating influence

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