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plural noun
  • the rich los ricos
  • riches riquezas (f pl)
1. rico(a) (person, country); sustancioso(a) (food); extrafino(a) (chocolate); fértil (soil); abundante (harvest, supply); profundo(a) (color, voice)
  • to become rich hacerse rico
  • to be rich in… ser rico en…
  • I'll only have a small piece, this cake's very rich sólo tomaré un trocito de pastel porque llena mucho
  • that's a bit rich! (familiar) ¡esa sí que es buena!
rich [rɪtʃ]
richer (comparative)richest (superlative)
1 (wealthy) [+person, country] rico
to become or get or grow rich(er) hacerse (más) rico; enriquecerse (más); to get rich quick hacer fortuna or enriquecerse rápidamente
Some people go into business to get rich quick Some of the local crofters were set to get rich quick (by selling their land to developers), while others sold their birthrights for a mess of empty promises account holders are set to get rich quick with windfall shares when the building society becomes a bank to [strike] it rich
to be as rich as Croesus nadar en la abundancia
for richer, for poorer en la riqueza y en la pobreza
2 (abundant) [+variety, source] grande; [+deposit, harvest] abundante; [+reward] generoso
seaweed is a rich source of iodine las algas son una gran fuente de yodo; to be rich in [+flora, fauna] tener abundancia de; tener gran riqueza de; [+natural resources, nutrients, protein] ser rico en; the island is rich in history la isla tiene mucha historia; to be rich in detail ser rico or (formal) profuso en detalles; the story is rich in comic and dramatic detail la historia es rica en or abunda en detalles cómicos y dramáticos; a style rich in metaphors un estilo en el que abundan las metáforas
Vietnam is a country rich in natural resources Soya milk is rich in protein the rich rewards of hard work a rich variety of plant and animal life a rich variety of reading This land is known to be rich in oil, gas, coal, and diamonds Some of these woods are extraordinarily rich in wild flowers a country rich in marine life her account of Lewis' childhood is rich in detail
3 (full) [+life, experience, history] rico
4 (fertile) [+soil] rico; fértil
5 (heavy, concentrated) [+food, sauce] sustancioso que contiene mucha grasa, azúcar etc; (que contiene mucha grasa, azúcar etc) pesado; fuerte; [+coffee] con mucho sabor; [+wine] generoso
it's too rich for me es muy pesado (or dulce or grasiento etc) para mí; this chocolate gateau is very rich esta tarta de chocolate llena mucho; esta tarta de chocolate es muy empalagosa or pesada (pejorative)
6 (intense) [+colour] vivo; cálido
I use mainly old poplar because it develops a deep, rich color with aging the wine has a fine, rich colour Walls # in appropriately rich colours # will be set with sixteenth- century carved marble window screens and decorated with luxurious embroidered hanging textiles
[+sound, smell] intenso
7 (mellow) [+voice] sonoro
a highly-trained rich mezzo voice I heard his voice—his deep, rich, soothing voice—more clearly His rich, mature voice tells the listner he's been around
8 (luxurious) [+tapestries] lujoso; [+velvet] exquisito
9 (laughable)
that's rich! ¡mira por dónde! (informal); that's rich, coming from her! ¡ella no es quién para hablar!; ¡tiene gracia que sea ella la que diga eso!
"she said we ought to work harder" - "oh, that's rich, coming from her! her lunch hour takes up most of the day" "I think we should spend less time on this project" - "That's rich! Last week you said it was top priority" Accusations of racism brought an angry reaction from the opposition leader: "I think that's rich coming from a party that split down the middle when it selected a black candidate", he said.
plural noun
the rich los ricos; the rich and famous los ricos y famosos
...sailing on luxury yachts and sipping cocktails with the rich and famous
rich tea biscuit (n) galleta (f) que se toma con una taza de té; (que se toma con una taza de té)
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