intransitive verb
1. (to withdraw from an occupation) 
a. jubilarse (because of age limit) 
My mom will retire when she's sixty.Mi madre se va a jubilar cuando tenga sesenta.
b. retirarse (for other reasons) 
He is going to retire from football after his injury.Se va a retirar del fútbol después de su lesión.
2. (to withdraw from a situation) 
a. retirarse 
After her success in the movie, she retired from public life.Después de su éxito en la película, se retiró de la vida pública.
3. (to rest) 
a. retirarse 
Excuse me, but I'll retire now.Disculpen, pero ya me retiro.
transitive verb
4. (to remove from an occupation) 
a. jubilar 
Despite their good work, they were retired when they turned sixty.A pesar de su buen trabajo, los jubilaron al cumplir sesenta.
5. (military) 
a. retirar 
The general retired the troops from battle.El general retiró a las tropas de la batalla.
6. (finance) 
a. redimir 
Can I retire my bonds at any bank?¿Puedo redimir mis bonos en cualquier banco?
7. (sports) 
a. retirar (baseball) 
The pitcher retired the last three batters.El lanzador retiró a los tres últimos bateadores.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. jubilar 
intransitive verb
2. (employee) 
a. jubilarse 
3. (withdraw) 
a. retirarse 
4. (formal) 
a. retirarse (a descansar) (to bed) 
retire [rɪˈtaɪəʳ]
intransitive verb
1 (give up work) [+worker] retirarse; (at age limit) jubilarse; retirarse; [+professional sportsperson, military officer] retirarse
she is retiring from professional tennis this year se retira del tenis profesional este año
in 1974 he retired from the museum he retires as chairman of the board at the end of this year he ran it for over half a century, until he retired as its manager at the age when most people retire, he is ready to face a new career although their careers are important many said they plan to retire at 50 Gladys retired at the age of sixty-eight women and men will be able to retire five years earlier I have decided to retire from Formula One racing at the end of the season most racing cyclists have retired by the age of thirty the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force is retiring from active duty in 1965 to retire [on] a pension
she retired on a good pension se jubiló or se retiró con una buena pensión; he retired to the South of France se jubiló or se retiró y se fue a vivir al sur de Francia
Eisenhower left the White House and retired to his farm in Gettysburg
2 (withdraw) retirarse
the jury has retired to consider its verdict el jurado se ha retirado a deliberar para dar su veredicto; to retire from public life retirarse de or abandonar la vida pública
I retired to my study upstairs to retire from the world to retire [into] o.s.
3 (go to bed) acostarse; retirarse (formal)
she retires early most nights she retired early with a good book don't eat just before retiring or retire just after eating
to retire to bed retire for the night ir a dormir; ir a acostarse
some time after midnight, he retired to bed they had already retired for the night when we got back
4 (Dep) [+competitor] abandonar; retirarse; [+horse] retirarse
he retired in the fifth lap with engine trouble abandonó or se retiró en la quinta vuelta debido a problemas con el motor
she was forced to retire from the competition with a knee injury one of the most serious injuries was to Simon Littlejohn, who was /forced to retire from the race with a leg injury/ Antonitsch retired injured in the third set of his match against the Canadian Great Ovation retired lame
5 (Mil) [+troops, army] retirarse
Yamamoto was forced to retire to safety 4,000 British soldiers were retiring towards Ladysmith after an inconclusive battle
transitive verb
1 (from work, service) [+worker] jubilar; (Mil) [+officer] retirar
he was compulsorily retired le dieron la jubilación forzosa; le obligaron a jubilarse
if he does badly they may retire him he made himself immensely unpopular by retiring 90 members of the company within the first few years I believe he was retired early from a university somewhere or other the court found that he should have been retired at a higher rank and awarded him back pay Malone was retired from the British Army
2 (Horse Racing) [+horse] retirar; (Baseball) [+batter] eliminar
/the horse went lame and was retired from racing/ three days later Fager was voted horse of the year and was then retired to stud the Rangers'first two batters were retired easily
3 (Economics) [+bond] redimir
so long as the bond is callable, /it can be prematurely retired/ any time the issuer cares to /the whole issue is being retired/ before its time, and there's nothing you can do but turn in your bond and invest your money elsewhere
4 (Mil) [+troops, army] retirar
he retired his troops to a position of safety
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transitive verb
1. (to carry away) 
a. to remove 
Retire la pegatina con cuidado.Remove the sticker carefully.
En estos momentos la grúa está retirando el vehículo accidentado de la carretera.Right now the tow truck is removing the damaged vehicle from the roadway.
Retiraron las mesas para echarnos de la terraza.They took away the tables to get us to leave the terrace area.
¿Puedes retirar los platos, por favor?Please can you clear away the dishes?
2. (to put out of sight) 
Retira la tarta antes de que la vea el cumpleañero.Can you take the cake away before the birthday boy sees it?
b. to remove 
Te aconsejo que retires todos los objetos de valor antes de abrir la casa al público .I'd advise you to remove all your valuables before you open the house to the public.
3. (to cause to leave) 
a. to withdraw (troops, ambassador) 
El coronel cree que fue un error retirar las tropas de la región.The colonel believes that it was an error to withdraw the troops from the region.
b. to recall (ambassador, envoy) 
Retiraron a su embajador en Londres como protesta.They recalled their ambassador to London as a protest.
4. (to stop giving something) 
Las autoridades le retiraron el pasaporte a Alicia.The authorities withdrew Alicia's passport.
b. no direct translation 
Mi marido nunca me retiró la confianza.My husband never lost confidence in me.
El partido le retiró la confianza al presidente cuando malversó fondos.The president lost the party's confidence when he misappropriated funds.
5. (to retract) 
Retiro lo dicho; tú tenías razón.I take back what I said. You were right.
6. (to remove from reach) 
Adela retiró la mano y miró a Rogelio horrorizada.Adela withdrew her hand and looked at Rogelio aghast.
Mauricio quería besarla, pero Imelda le retiró la cara.Mauricio wanted to kiss ker, but Imelda pulled her face away from him.
7. (to oblige to retire) 
El Estado retirará a 600 funcionarios este año.The State will force 600 government employees to retire this year.
b. to retire 
Juan me explicó que su empresa quiere retirarlo.Juan explained to me that his company wants to retire him.
Tendrás que callarte si no quieres que te retiren.You'll have to hold your tongue if you don't want to be pensioned off.
8. (finance) 
Alguien retiró 300 dólares de mi cuenta.Someone withdrew 300 dollars from my account.
9. (to take possession of) 
¿Vamos a retirar las entradas en taquilla?Shall we collect the tickets from the ticket office?
Esta tarde, tendré que pasar por la tintorería para retirar el traje de Manuel.I'll need to go to the dry cleaner's this afternoon to pick up Manuel's suit.
10. (to take out of circulation) 
La empresa retiró los autobuses más antiguos.The company withdrew the oldest buses.
Retiraron los billetes falsos de la circulación.The counterfeit notes were withdrawn from circulation.
pronominal verb
11. (to stop working) 
a. to retire 
Se retiró tras pasar 50 años trabajando.He retired after a 50-year career.
12. (telecommunications) 
¡No se retire!Don't hang up.
b. no direct translation 
¡No se retire, por favor!Please hold!
El recepcionista me pidió que no me retirara.The receptionist asked me to hold the line.
13. (to move oneself) 
Me retiré para que pudiera aparcar.I moved back to let him park.
14. (to go to sleep) 
Me voy a retirar, que mañana madrugo.I'll go to bed now as I have an early start tomorrow.
b. to retire (formal) 
Pues yo me retiro, ¡buenas noches!I think I'll retire now; good night!
15. (to go away) 
a. to leave 
Muchas gracias, ya puede retirarse si quiere.Many thanks; you can leave now if you wish.
b. to go 
Si no hay nada más, puede retirarse.If there isn't anything else, you may go now.
16. (to abandon the front line) 
Los soldados se retiraron a causa de las fuerzas superiores enemigas.The soldiers retreated because of the enemy's superior forces.
17. (to quit; used with "de") 
El ciclista se retiró de la carrera a pocos metros de la meta.The cyclist pulled out of the race just a few meters from the finish.
Tuve que retirarme del concurso cuando me resfrié.I had to withdraw from the competition when I caught a cold.
18. (to go somewhere for solitude) 
El chamán se retiró a lo más profundo de la selva en busca de sí mismo.The shaman took himself off to the depths of the jungle to find himself.
Cansada de la ciudad, se retiró a un sitio alejado de la Patagonia.Tired of the city, she went away to an isolated spot in Patagonia.
c. to retire 
Alfredo se decidió a retirarse a un monasterio para meditar.Alfredo decided to retire to a monastery to meditate.
transitive verb
1. (quitar, sacar) 
a. to remove 
2. (dinero, moneda, carné) 
a. to withdraw 
3. (nieve) 
a. to clear 
4. (mano) 
a. to withdraw 
me ha retirado el saludohe's not speaking to me
5. (jubilar; a deportista) 
a. to force to retire 
6. (a empleado) 
a. to retire 
una lesión lo retiró de la alta competiciónan injury forced him to retire from top-flight competition
7. (recoger, llevarse) 
a. to pick up, to collect 
puede pasar a retirar sus fotos el juevesyou can pick your photos up o collect your photos on Thursday
8. (retractarse de) 
a. to take back 
¡retira eso que o lo que dijiste!take that back!, take back what you said!
pronominal verb
9. (jubilarse) 
a. to retire 
10. (de competición, elecciones) 
a. to withdraw 
11. (de reunión) 
a. to leave 
12. (irse a dormir) 
a. to retire (for the evening) 
13. (de campo de batalla) 
a. to retreat 
14. (apartarse) 
a. to move away 
retírate, que no dejas pasarmove out of the way, people can't get past
transitive verb
1 [+acusación, apoyo, subvención] to withdraw; [+demanda] to withdraw; take back
la patinadora había retirado la demanda que presentó la semana pasada contra el USOC
han retirado su apoyo al Gobierno they have withdrawn their support for the Government; les retiraron las subvenciones they had their subsidies taken away o withdrawn; retiró su candidatura a la Presidencia he stood down from the presidential election; he withdrew his candidacy for the presidency
el Crédit Lyonnais le ha retirado su apoyo financiero le han retirado la inmunidad parlamentaria
la mayoría del electorado le ha retirado la confianza he has lost the confidence o trust of the majority of the electorate; retirar la palabra a algn to stop speaking to sb
su hermano le ha retirado la palabra retiró la palabra a compañeros suyos del Gobierno
retirar el saludo a algn to stop saying hello to sb
Se molestó y casi me retiró el saludo la jet le ha retirado el saludo
2 [+moneda, sello] to withdraw (from circulation); [+autobús, avión] to withdraw (from service)
estos aviones serán retirados de o del servicio these planes are to be withdrawn from service; el producto fue retirado del mercado the product was withdrawn from the market o taken off the market
3 [+permiso, carnet, pasaporte] to withdraw; take away
le han retirado el permiso de conducir he's had his driving licence taken away
me retiraron el pasaporte ordenaron retirar el pasaporte a Craxi y a otros tres ex ministros
4 [+dinero] to withdraw
fui a retirar dinero de la cuenta I went to withdraw some money from my account
5 [+tropas] to withdraw; [+embajador] to recall; withdraw; [+atleta, caballo] to withdraw; scratch
6 (quitar) to take away; remove
han retirado el retrato de Franco
la camarera retiró las copas the waitress took the glasses away; le retiraron todos los objetos afilados de la celda all sharp objects were removed from his cell
retirar tierras de la producción
7 [+cabeza, cara] to pull back; pull away; [+mano] to draw back; withdraw; [+tentáculo] to draw in
el segundo beso se lo daba literalmente al aire ya que ellas habian retirado la cara para ese momento Le tapé la boca pero ella retiró la cabeza, y continuó al intentar darle la medicina, retiraba la cabeza diciendo No, no; caca, caca
8 (jubilar) to retire; pension off
pronominal verb
1 (moverse) to move back o away;de from
retírate de la entrada para que pueda pasar la gente move back o away from the door so that people can get through; retirarse ante un peligro to shrink back from a danger
2 (irse)
puede usted retirarse you may leave; el testigo puede retirarse the witness may stand down; se retiró enfadado a la cocina he withdrew to the kitchen in a huff
se retira a la cocina donde, al rato, llega a consolarla su tía las autoridades se retiraron al salón
retirarse de las negociaciones to withdraw from the negotiations; se retiraron del torneo (antes de su inicio) they withdrew from o pulled out of the tournament; (después de su inicio) they retired from o pulled out of the tournament; tuvo que retirarse del terreno de juego he had to leave the pitch
la policía se retiró del lugar de los hechos la Policía, lejos de intervenir, se retira del lugar de los hechos Muchas gracias. El testigo puede retirarse.Silencio, por favor. La defensa llamará a su segundo testigo las lesiones la obligan a retirarse del campeonato y a dejar la vía libre a su más directa y encarnizada rival se vio obligado a retirarse al romper el motor de su Honda el guardameta tuvo que retirarse con un corte en la cara uno delos corredores tuvo que retirarse en el kilómetro 39 su tobillo le traicionó: tuvo que retirarse de la final
retirarse (a su habitación) to retire (to one's room o to bed) (formal) (literario)
4 (al teléfono)
¡no se retire! hold the line!
5 (Mil) to withdraw; retreat
6 (jubilarse) to retire;de from
mi padre se retira el año que viene my father will be retiring next year
se retiró a vivir a Mallorca
cuando me retire de los negocios when I retire from business; se retiró anticipadamente she took early retirement
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