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transitive verb
1. to hold back (detener); to detain (en comisaría)
  • no me retuvo mucho tiempo he didn't keep me long
  • retener el tráfico to hold up the traffic
2. to hold back, to restrain (contener) (impulso, ira); to hold (aliento)
3. to retain (conservar)
4. to remember (memorizar)
5. to deduct (deducir del sueldo)
  • el fisco me retiene el 20 por ciento del sueldo 20 percent of my salary goes in tax
transitive verb
1 (no dejar marchar) to keep; [+la policía] to detain; hold
lo retiene su familia his family is what keeps him there; no intentes retenerme porque pienso ir don't try and keep o stop me because I'm going; retuvieron a los inmigrantes en la aduana they held o detained the immigrants at customs
retuvieron a los rehenes durante tres horas
una llamada de última hora me retuvo en la oficina a last-minute phone call held me up o kept me back at the office; retener a algn preso to hold o keep sb prisoner
2 (conservar) [+datos, información] to withhold; [+pasaporte] to retain
el Atlético ha conseguido retener el título de Liga Atlético managed to hold on to o keep o retain the league title
3 (memorizar) to retain
es incapaz de retener los nombres de la gente he's incapable of retaining people's names
4 (Economía) [+dinero] to deduct
5 [+calor] to retain; [+líquido] to hold
no puede retener la orina he can't hold his water
6 [+atención, interés] to retain
7 [+deseo, pasión] to restrain; [+aliento] to hold
pronominal verb
retenerse to restrain o.s.
Verb Conjugations for retener
Gerund: reteniendo
Participle: retenido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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