intransitive verb
1. (to counter attack) 
Their military retaliated by firing missiles on civilian targets.Su ejército tomó represalias disparando misiles contra blancos civiles.
b. responder 
Darryl didn't report his boss for fear that he would retaliate by firing him.Darryl no denunció a su jefe por temor a que respondiera despidiéndolo.
We won the battle, but the enemy will surely retaliate soon.Ganamos la batalla, pero seguramente el enemigo contraatacará pronto.
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. desquitarse, tomarse la revancha 
retaliate [rɪˈtælɪeɪt]
intransitive verb
(respond) responder; (Mil) tomar represalias
to retaliate against sth/sb tomar represalias contra algo/algn
the EC has said it will retaliate against trade tariffs on European goods Israel has decided not to retaliate against Iraq for its missile attacks President Bush has decided to retaliate against King Hussein of Jordan for his attack on the allied war against Iraq The Bush administration said today that it will retaliate against European Community farm subsidies by imposing tariffs European officials are talking about retaliating against US tariffs on white wine to retaliate [by] doing sth
they retaliated by bombing Israeli ports tomaron represalias bombardeando los puertos israelíes; she retaliated by switching the television off su respuesta fue apagar el televisor; respondió apagando el televisor
the Israeli army retaliated by shelling parts of southern Lebanon China could retaliate by closing its market to US products There are about 7 or 8 Germans on board. At dinner one of them sent to have the saloon door shut. Some non-Germans insisted on its remaining open. The Germans at first retaliated by putting up their coat collars
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