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1. inquieto(a), agitado(a) (fidgety); descontento(a) (dissatisfied)
  • I've had a restless night he pasado una noche agitada
restless [ˈrestlɪs]
1 (unsettled) [+person] inquieto; intranquilo; [+mind] intranquilo
he's the restless sort es de los inquietos; es de los que no saben quedarse quietos; to feel restless sentirse intranquilo; I had a restless night pasé muy mala noche; no dormí bien
her cough kept her awake, and we had a restless night
2 (fidgety) inquieto
to become or get or grow restless inquietarse; impacientarse
The children started complaining and getting restless When the boys got bored, they grew restless
3 (discontented) [+crowd, mob] agitado
4 (moving) [+wind, sea, clouds] agitado
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