transitive verb
1. (mathematics) 
Ahora tienes que restarle 246 a 588.Now you have to subtract 246 from 588.
Si a 20 le restas 15 te quedan 5.If you take 15 away from 20 you have 5 left.
2. (to discount) 
a. to deduct 
A mi sueldo bruto le restas los impuestos y te quedas con nada.When you deduct taxes from my gross salary, you're left with nothing.
Por último, tienes que restar los gastos de transporte de las ganancias.Lastly, you have to take the freight charges away from the profits.
3. (to make light of) 
El que su obra sea desconocida para el público general no le resta valor.The fact that his work is unknown to the general public doesn't minimize its value.
No deberíamos restarle importancia a casos aislados como este.We shouldn't play down the importance of isolated cases like this one.
4. (sports) (Spain) 
a. to return 
El tenista serbio restó el saque del español y se apuntó el tanto.The Serbian tennis player returned the Spaniard's service and scored a point.
intransitive verb
5. (mathematics) 
¿Ya aprendiste a sumar y restar en el colegio?Have you already learned to add and subtract at school?
6. (to be outstanding) 
a. to remain 
Y ahora ya solo me resta pedirles encarecidamente su colaboración.And now it only remains for me to urge you to collaborate.
Apenas restan unas horas para la final y la lluvia persiste.There are hardly a few hours left for the final and the rain persists.
transitive verb
1. (mathematics) 
a. to subtract 
restar una cantidad de otrato subtract one figure from another
2. (disminuir) 
a. no direct translation 
restar importancia a algoto play down the importance of something
restar méritos a alguien/a algoto detract from somebody/something
intransitive verb
3. (faltar) 
a. to be left 
sólo restan tres díasonly three days are left
sólo me resta agradecerles su ayudaall that remains is for me to thank you for your help
transitive verb
1 (Matemáticas) to take away; subtract
réstale 10 a 24 subtract 10 from 24; take away 10 from 24; a esta cifra hay que restarle los gastos de comida you have to deduct o subtract the meals allowance from this figure
2 [+autoridad, importancia]
restar autoridad a algn to take away authority from sb; le restó importancia he did not give it much importance
3 (Dep) [+pelota] to return
intransitive verb
to remain; be left
restan tres días para terminarse el plazo there are three days left before the closing date; ahora solo me resta hacerlo it only remains for me now to do it; all I have to do now is do it
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