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1. responsible
  • responsable de -> responsible for
  • hacerse responsable de -> to take responsibility for; (responsabilizarse de) to claim responsibility for (atentado, secuestro)
masculine or feminine noun
2. person responsible (culpable, autor)
  • los responsables -> those responsible
  • tú eres el responsable de… -> you're responsible for…
3. person in charge (encargado)
  • soy el responsable de la sección de ventas -> I'm in charge of the sales department

responsable [res-pon-sah’-blay]
1. Responsible, liable, accountable, answerable.
  • Hacerse responsable de algo -> to assume responsibility for something

1 (sensato) responsible
es un niño muy responsable para su edad he is very a responsible boy for his age
2 (encargado) responsible; in charge
la persona responsable del departamento the person in charge of the department; the person responsible for the department; es responsable de la política municipal she is responsible for o in charge of council policy
3 (culpable) responsible
el conductor responsable del accidente the driver responsible for the accident; cada cual es responsable de sus acciones everybody is responsible for their own actions; el fabricante es responsable de los daños causados the manufacturer is liable for the damage caused; ser responsable ante algn de algo to be accountable o answerable to sb for sth
hacer a algn responsable de algo to hold sb responsible for sth
hacerse responsable de algo to take responsibility for sth
no me hago responsable de lo que pueda pasar I take no responsibility for what may happen
1 (culpable)
tú eres la responsable de lo ocurrido you're responsible for what happened; la policía busca a los responsables the police are looking for the culprits
2 (encargado)
quiero hablar con el responsable I wish to speak to the person in charge; Ramón es el responsable de la cocina Ramón is in charge of the kitchen
responsable de prensa press officer

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