transitive verb
1. (to show deference) 
Respetó a sus maestros en todo momento.She always respected her teachers.
2. (to comply) 
Hay que respetar las normas de seguridad.Safety standards should be observed.
reflexive verb
3. (to have self-respect) 
No te respetará nadie si tú no te respetas. No one will respect you if you do not respect yourself.
transitive verb
1. (persona, costumbre) 
a. to respect 
2. (la palabra) 
a. to honor 
hay que respetar a los ancianosyou should show respect for the elderly
no respeta las señales de tráficohe takes no notice of traffic signs
hacerse respetarto make oneself respected
3. (no destruir) 
a. to spare 
respeten las plantaskeep off the flowerbeds
transitive verb
1 [+persona, derecho] to respect
respeto tu decisión I respect your decision; nunca ha respetado a sus padres she has never respected o had any respect for her parents; hacerse respetar to win respect; earn respect
respetad las plantas be careful of the plants
2 (obedecer) to observe
respeten las normas de seguridad observe the safety regulations; no respetan los semáforos they ignore the traffic lights; they do not observe the traffic lights
3 (conservar) to conserve
al remodelar la zona respetaron las murallas romanas when they redeveloped the area they conserved the Roman walls
pronominal verb
respetarse (reflexivo) to have self-respect; respect o.s.; (mutuo) to respect each other
pasado el tiempo las parejas dejan de respetarse
no se respeta a sí misma she has no self-respect; un periodista que se respete no revela sus fuentes no self-respecting journalist would reveal his sources
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respetar a los demás
to respect the others
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