1. (stay) 
a. la estancia (F) 
she took up residence in Londonfijó su residencia en Londres
place of residencelugar de residencia
residence permitpermiso de residencia
2. (formal) 
a. la residencia (F) (home) 
3. (university) (United Kingdom) 
(hall of) residencecolegio mayor
residence [ˈrezɪdəns]
1 (stay) permanencia (f); estancia (f); (LAm)
after six months' residence después de seis meses de permanencia; to take up residence (in house) instalarse; (in country) establecerse; in residence residente; when the students are in residence cuando están los estudiantes; there is a doctor in residence hay un médico interno; artist in residence artista (m) residente; writer in residence escritoraescritora (m) (f) residente;a escritora
2 (home) residencia (f); domicilio (m)
"town and country residences for sale" "se venden fincas urbanas y rurales"; the minister's official residence la residencia oficial del ministro
3 (Univ) (also hall of residence) residencia (f) universitaria; colegio (m) mayor
residence permit (n) permiso (m) de residencia
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