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1. estancia (f) (stay)
  • she took up residence in London fijó su residencia en Londres
  • place of residence lugar (m) de residencia
  • residence permit permiso (m) de residencia
2. residencia (f) (Formal) (home)
3. (universidad)
  • (hall of) residence colegio (m) mayor (británico)
residence [ˈrezɪdəns]
1 (stay) permanencia (f); estancia (f); (LAm)
after six months' residence después de seis meses de permanencia; to take up residence (in house) instalarse; (in country) establecerse; in residence residente; when the students are in residence cuando están los estudiantes; there is a doctor in residence hay un médico interno; artist in residence artista (m) residente; writer in residence escritoraescritora (m) (f) residente;a escritora
2 (home) residencia (f); domicilio (m)
"town and country residences for sale" "se venden fincas urbanas y rurales"; the minister's official residence la residencia oficial del ministro
3 (Univ) (also hall of residence) residencia (f) universitaria; colegio (m) mayor
residence permit (n) permiso (m) de residencia
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