masculine noun
1. receipt (documento)
2. protection (protección)
  • al resguardo de -> safe from

resguardo [res-goo-ar’-do]
1. Guard, preservation, security, safety. (m)
2. Defence (protección), shelter, protection. (m)
3. Security for the performance of a contract or agreement. (m)
4. Watchfulness to prevent smuggling. (m)
5. Body of custom house officers. (m)
6. Preventive-service. (m)
7. Voucher (vale), certificate; guarantee (garantía); slip (recibo). (m)
  • Resguardo de consigna -> cloakroom check

1 [de compra] slip; receipt; [de cheque] stub
resguardo de consigna cloakroom ticket; cloakroom check; (EEUU)
2 (protección) defence; defense; (EEUU) protection
servir de resguardo a algn to protect sb
3 (Náutica) sea room

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