Reservation in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
1. reserva (booking), reservación (f) (Am)
  • to make a reservation hacer una reserva
  • reservation desk mostrador (m) de reservas
2. reserva (f) (doubt)
  • without reservation sin reservas
  • (Indian) reservation reserva (f) india
reservation [ˌrezəˈveɪʃən]
1 (booking) reserva (f); (seat) plaza (f) reservada; (table in restaurant) mesa (f) reservada
to make a reservation in a hotel reservar una habitación en un hotel
2 (doubt) reserva (f); duda (f)
I had reservations about it tenía ciertas dudas sobre ese punto; with certain reservations con ciertas reservas; to accept sth without reservation aceptar algo sin reserva
3 (in contract) salvedad (f); (in argument) distingo (m)
4 (area of land) reserva (f)
5 (on road) mediana (f); franja (f) central
reservation desk (n) (Britain) (in airport, hotels etc) mostrador (m) de reservas; (US) (hotel reception desk) recepción (f)
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