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transitive verb
1. to book, to reserve (billete, habitación)
2. to set aside (guardar, apartar)
  • reservan la primera fila para los críticos the front row is reserved for the critics
  • ¿me puedes reservar un sitio a tu lado? could you save a seat for me next to you?
  • reservó la buena noticia para el final she saved the good news till last
3. to reserve (callar) (opinión, comentarios)
pronominal verb
1. (esperar)
  • reservarse para to save oneself for
  • me estoy reservando para el postre I'm saving myself for the dessert
2. to keep to oneself (guardar para sí) (secreto); to retain (for oneself) (dinero, derecho)
  • me reservo mi opinión sobre este asunto I'm reserving judgment on this matter
transitive verb
1 [+asiento, habitación, mesa] to reserve; book; [+billete, entrada] to book
reservar en exceso to overbook
2 (guardar) to keep; keep in reserve; set aside
lo reserva para el final he's keeping it till last; ha reservado lo mejor para sí he has kept the best part for himself
pronominal verb
1 (para luego) to save o.s.;para for
no bebo porque me reservo para más tarde I'm not drinking because I'm saving myself for later on
2 (encubrir) to conceal; (callar) to keep to o.s.
prefiero reservarme los detalles I prefer not to reveal the details
Verb Conjugations for reservar
Gerund: reservando
Participle: reservado
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