transitive verb
1. (to make a schedule change) 
To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please click here.Para cancelar o reprogramar su cita, haga clic aquí.
b. cambiar la hora de (time) 
I was hoping to reschedule my appointment. Can I come at 3?Quisiera cambiar la hora de mi cita. ¿Puedo ir a las 3?
c. cambiar la fecha de (day) 
Is it possible for us to reschedule the meeting to January 4th?¿Sería posible cambiar la fecha de la reunión al 4 de enero?
d. cambiar el horario de (transport) 
They rescheduled the bus, and now it comes five minutes earlier.Cambiaron el horario del autobús y ahora pasa cinco minutos antes.
e. volver a planificar (work) 
If the materials don't arrive, we'll have to reschedule the construction.Si no llegan los materiales, tendremos que volver a planificar los trabajos de construcción.
2. (finance) 
a. renegociar (a debt or a loan) 
It's clear that the company will have to reschedule the debt.Está claro que la empresa tendrá que renegociar la deuda.
transitive verb
1. (meeting, flight) 
a. volver a programar 
2. (debt) 
a. renegociar 
reschedule [ˌriːˈʃedjuːl] [ˌriːˈskedjuːl] (US)
transitive verb
[+meeting, visit, trip, programme] cambiar la fecha/hora de
Since I'll be away, I'd like to reschedule the meeting They've rescheduled the vigil for February 14th They rescheduled the meeting to next week The was rescheduled to 9.30pm by Alan Yentob,controller of BBC1
[+train service etc] cambiar el horario de; [+repayments, debt] renegociar
companies that have gone bust or had to reschedule their debts
[+plans, course] volver a planificar;
Verb Conjugations for reprogramar
Gerund: reprogramando
Participle: reprogramado
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