transitive verb
1. (to save from danger) 
a. to rescue 
Los bomberos rescataron la familia de la casa incendiada. The firefighters rescued the family from the burning house.
b. to save 
Las fuerzas especiales rescataron a los periodistas de los terroristas. The special forces saved the reporters from the terrorists.
c. to free 
Los activistas rescataron los animales enjaulados. The activists freed the caged animals.
2. (to regain) 
Tuve que pelear con mis primos, pero rescaté mi herencia. I had to fight with my cousins, but I recovered my inheritance.
Rescatamos un terreno para poder hacer un parque para niños. We reclaimed a plot of land so we can make a park for children.
Al final logré rescatar la carpeta perdida. I was able to get the lost file back in the end.
transitive verb
1. (liberar, salvar) 
a. to rescue 
2. (pagando rescate) 
a. to ransom 
3. (recuperar; herencia) 
a. to recover 
transitive verb
1 (salvar) to save; rescue
2 [+cautivo] to rescue; free; [+pueblo] to recapture; recover
3 [+objeto empeñado] to redeem
4 [+póliza] to surrender
5 [+posesiones] to get back; recover
6 [+tiempo perdido] to make up
7 [+delitos] to atone for; expiate (formal)
8 [+terreno] to reclaim
9 (Latinoamérica) (revender) to resell
intransitive verb
(And) to peddle goods from village to village
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Past Participle: rescatado
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