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intransitive verb
1. to slip (caer) (con o en on)
2. to slide (deslizarse)
  • le resbalaban las lágrimas por el rostro tears ran o trickled down her cheeks
3. to be slippery (estar resbaladizo)
transitive verb
4. (informal) (no preocupar a)
  • le resbala todo lo que le digo everything I say to him goes in one ear and out the other
  • ¡me resbala lo que diga de mí! I couldn't care less what she says about me!
pronominal verb
1. to slip (over)
  • me resbalé y me caí I slipped and fell
  • se resbaló con una piel de plátano he slipped on a banana skin
intransitive verb
1 (al andar) to slip;en, sobre on; (Automóviles) to skid
el embrague resbala
había llovido y resbaló it had been raining and she slipped; el coche resbaló y se dio contra el árbol the car skidded into the tree; le resbalaban las lágrimas por las mejillas tears were trickling down her cheeks
2 (equivocarse) to slip up; make a slip
3 (ser indiferente)
me resbala it leaves me cold; las críticas le resbalan criticism runs off him like water off a duck's back
pronominal verb
resbalarse to slip
se resbaló bajando la calle she slipped walking down the street
Verb Conjugations for resbalar
Gerund: resbalando
Participle: resbalado
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