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to slip

"resbalar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to slip (caer) (con o en on)
2. to slide (deslizarse)
  • le resbalaban las lágrimas por el rostro -> tears ran o trickled down her cheeks
3. to be slippery (estar resbaladizo)
transitive verb
4. (informal) (no preocupar a)
  • le resbala todo lo que le digo -> everything I say to him goes in one ear and out the other
  • ¡me resbala lo que diga de mí! -> I couldn't care less what she says about me!
pronomial verb
1. to slip (over)
  • me resbalé y me caí -> I slipped and fell
  • se resbaló con una piel de plátano -> he slipped on a banana skin

resbalar [res-bah-lar’]
verb neuter & verb reflexive
1. To slip (sin querer), to slide; not to tread firm. (n)
2. To tail in the performance of engagements. (n)
3. To slide (deslizarse). (n)
4. To slip up (fallar). (n)
  • El embrague resbala -> the clutch is slipping
  • Me resbala -> it leaves me cold

1 (al andar) to slip;en, sobre on; (Automóviles) to skid
el embrague resbala
había llovido y resbaló it had been raining and she slipped; el coche resbaló y se dio contra el árbol the car skidded into the tree; le resbalaban las lágrimas por las mejillas tears were trickling down her cheeks
2 (equivocarse) to slip up; make a slip
3 (ser indiferente)
me resbala it leaves me cold; las críticas le resbalan criticism runs off him like water off a duck's back
resbalarse to slip
se resbaló bajando la calle she slipped walking down the street

Verb Conjugations for "resbalar" (go to to slip)


yo resbalo resbalé resbalaba resbalaría resbalaré
resbalas resbalaste resbalabas resbalarías resbalarás
él/ella/Ud. resbala resbaló resbalaba resbalaría resbalará
nosotros resbalamos resbalamos resbalábamos resbalaríamos resbalaremos
vosotros resbaláis resbalasteis resbalabais resbalaríais resbalaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. resbalan resbalaron resbalaban resbalarían resbalarán
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