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intransitive verb
1. (to physically relax) 
a. to rest 
Necesito tumbarme y reposar un rato.I need to lie down and rest for a while.
2. (to be buried) 
a. to lie 
Aquí reposan los restos mortales del poeta. Dios lo tenga en su gloria.Here lie the mortal remains of the poet. God rest his soul.
b. to repose 
Mi pobre padre, que en paz descanse, reposa en el cementerio de la colina.My poor father, may he rest in peace, reposes in the cemetery on the hill.
3. (culinary) 
a. to stand 
Deja reposar el arroz cinco minutos para que absorba toda el agua.Let the rice stand for five minutes to absorb any remaining water.
b. to settle 
Una vez que la masa haya reposado, estírala con un rodillo.Once the dough has settled, stretch it with a roller pin.
4. (to be placed) 
a. to lie 
Su cabeza reposaba sobre la almohada y su rostro tenía una expresión serena.His head was lying on the pillow, and his face had a serene expression.
b. to rest 
La estatua, que es de madera, reposa sobre un pedestal de mármol.The statue, which is made of wood, rests on a marble pedestal.
transitive verb
5. (to digest) 
Mejor reposamos la comida un poco antes de empezar con el postre.It's better if we let our food go down for a bit before starting the dessert.
intransitive verb
1. (descansar) 
a. to (have a) rest 
2. (sedimentarse) 
a. to stand 
3. (yacer) 
a. to lie 
intransitive verb
1 (descansar) to rest
2 (dormir) to sleep
3 (apoyarse) to lie; rest
su mano reposaba sobre mi hombro her hand lay o rested on my shoulder; la columna reposa sobre una base circular the column is resting o sitting on a circular base
4 [+restos mortales] to lie; rest
5 (Culin)
dejar reposar algo to let sth stand
transitive verb
1 (apoyar) to lay; rest
reposó la cabeza sobre la almohada she lay o rested her head on the pillow
reposar la comida to let one's food settle o go down
pronominal verb
reposarse [+líquido] to settle
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