1. (answer) 
I was waiting for her reply for a whole week.Esperé su respuesta durante toda una semana.
I hope to get a positive reply from my application.Espero una contestación positiva a mi solicitud.
intransitive verb
2. (to respond) 
a. responder 
Please reply to my e-mail as soon as possible.Por favor, responde a mi correo electrónico cuanto antes.
b. contestar 
"I will marry you", she replied."Me casaré contigo", contestó ella.
1. (general) 
a. la respuesta f, contestación (F) 
in replyen or como respuesta
there was no replyno contestaban, no había nadie
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. responder, contestar 
to reply to a lettercontestar a una carta
reply [rɪˈplaɪ]
1 (spoken, written) respuesta (f); contestación (f)
he has had 12 replies to his ad han contestado 12 personas a su anuncio; I sent a reply to her letter this morning contesté or respondí a su carta esta mañana
what is your reply to this? "it's me, sir," came the reply we await your reply I asked again and received the same reply they went ahead without waiting for a reply from the Germans she sent me a reply by return of post Ryland could think of no suitable reply
reply paid no necesita sello; a franquear en destino
reply-paid envelope sobre (m) a franquear en destino; in reply en respuesta; in reply to your letter en respuesta a or contestando a su carta; he had nothing to say in reply no tenía nada que responder or contestar
they scored 146 runs in reply to Australia's 247 he said in reply that the question was unfair I have nothing to say in reply to your question in reply he said ...
there's no reply (Telec) no contestan
there was no reply to his knocking an escape into the past is no reply to the challenges of the future I called out a challenge, but there was no reply he called "Sarah", but there was no reply when he got no reply he raised the alarm
to make no reply (to sth) no responder (a algo); no contestar (algo); she made no reply except to nod su única reacción fue asentir con la cabeza
the stranger made no reply to my greeting "You're hurt because you think he prefers Scotch to your company. Isn't that so?" - She made no reply "you will take me tomorrow,won't you?" - Again he made no reply "I hope it doesn't make things worse, coming to Hinckley's to look after us" - Lois made no reply, leaving Jessica with the impression that she felt it did
2 (reaction, response) reacción (f); respuesta (f)
a loud sob was his only reply un fuerte sollozo fue su única reacción or respuesta
her reply to his bad behaviour was to ignore it United's reply was to score two goals in 10 minutes England scored four goals without reply
3 (abrupt) réplica (f)
she bit back the quick reply that had sprung to her lips he cringed visibly at her blunt reply
4 (Jur) réplica (f)
the court re-convened to hear the defence's reply to the prosecution
intransitive verb
1 responder; contestar
Grace was too terrified to reply I have sent you a lot of letters, and you have never replied Deryck Fox gave Featherstone the lead early in the first half with a penalty, but /Saints were quick to reply/
to reply to sb contestar or responder a algn; to reply to sth responder or contestar a algo; to reply to a letter contestar (a) una carta
he gave me no chance to reply to his question he was replying to criticism of Singapore's decision to their surprise, hundreds replied to the advertisement I've not replied to Lee's letter yet to reply (to sth) [with] sth/[by] doing sth she replied with a nod
the police replied with tear gas la policía respondió con gas lacrimógeno
Graeme Hick scored an unbeaten 58 as /Worcestershire replied to Middlesex's 202 with 132-3/ we replied to the enemy's attack by bombing their navy "of course," he replied, with a shrug he replied with a long speech The National Salvation Front has already replied to this series of opposition moves with its own demonstrations
2 (Jur) replicar
the accused has yet to reply to the charges against him
transitive verb
1 (gen) responder; contestar
"I love you too," she replied "that's a nice dress," said Michael - "thanks," she replied solemnly
he replied that this was impossible respondió or contestó que esto era imposible
if I am asked to dinner with them, I shall simply reply that I have to finish my essay
2 (abruptly) replicar
"that's a stupid idea," she replied [international] reply coupon write to us at the address below, sending a stamped addressed envelope (for readers in the British Isles) or /two international reply coupons for overseas readers/) when sending for a catalog from a foreign firm, you can use international reply coupons
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