transitive verb
1. (to say brusquely) 
a. to retort 
"¡Sabes muy bien que eso no es cierto!" replicó."You know perfectly well that's not true!" he retorted.
2. (to counter) 
a. to respond to (formal) 
El político no tardó en replicar las acusaciones en su contra.The politician lost no time in responding to the accusations against him.
intransitive verb
3. (to respond) 
a. to reply (formal) 
Repliqué a la carta explicando por qué la multa no me correspondía a mí.I replied to the letter explaining why the fine did not apply to me.
4. (to talk back) 
a. to argue 
El niño replicó cuando su madre le insinuó que no trataba bien a su hermana.The child argued when his mother implied that he didn't treat his sister well.
Cuando era pequeña mis padres me castigaban cada vez que replicaba.When I was little my parents punished me every time I answered back.
transitive verb
1. (responder) 
a. to answer 
2. (objetar) 
a. to answer back, to retort 
intransitive verb
3. (objetar) 
a. to answer back 
intransitive verb
1 (contestar) to answer; retort
2 (objetar) to argue; answer back
¡no repliques! don't answer back!
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