transitive verb
1. (to substitute) 
They replaced the English teacher when she went on vacation. Reemplazaron la maestra de inglés cuando se fue de vacaciones.
2. (to put back in place) 
a. recolocar 
Replace the cover once you are done.Recoloca la tapa cuando hayas acabado.
3. (to change) 
a. cambiar 
You should replace your car tires every 50,000 miles.Deberías cambiar las llantas del carro cada 50,000 millas.
4. (to replenish) 
a. devolver  
They made him replace the books he stole. Le hicieron devolver los libros que se robó.
transitive verb
1. (put back) 
a. volver a poner, devolver 
to replace the receivercolgar (el teléfono)
2. (substitute for) 
a. sustituir, reemplazar 
3. (tire, broken part) 
a. (re)cambiar 
replace [rɪˈpleɪs]
transitive verb
1 (put back) volver a colocar
replace the cap after use vuelva a colocar la tapa después de usarlo; he replaced the letter in his pocket se volvió a meter la carta en el bolsillo; to replace the receiver colgar (el auricular)
please replace the receiver the line went dead - Whitlock replaced the receiver
2 (get replacement for) [+object] reponer; [+person] sustituir; reemplazar
the body has to replace lost fluid el cuerpo tiene que reponer los líquidos perdidos; we will replace the broken glasses repondremos or pagaremos los vasos rotos; they are not going to replace her when she leaves cuando se vaya no van sustituirla or reemplazarla; no van a poner a nadie en su lugar cuando se vaya
transfusions are required to replace blood loss a new scarf to replace the one she lost the shower that we put in a few years back has broken and /we cannot afford to replace it/ the books that have been stolen will have to be replaced the cost of replacing window frames he had to be replaced is the company taking on anyone new to replace Jane?
3 (put in place of)
to replace sth with sth sustituir algo por algo; the airline is replacing its DC10s with Boeing 747s la compañía aérea está sustituyendo los DC10 por Boeings 747
the smile disappeared to be replaced by a frown the Matisse was replaced by a Klee I clean out all the grease and replace it with oil so it works better in very low temperatures Arabic script was replaced with the Roman alphabet in official documents the panic on the chief's face was replaced by relief their proposal is to replace a downtown thoroughfare with a colossal park
to replace sb with sth/sb sustituir a algn por algo/algn; reemplazar a algn por or con algo/algn; many workers are being replaced by machines están sustituyendo a muchos trabajadores por máquinas; están reemplazando a muchos trabajadores por or con máquinas
they replaced him with a younger person they replaced the striking workers with outside labour Terry Venables last night pledged to replace Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker with players of similar calibre
4 (take the place of) [+thing] sustituir; [+person] sustituir; reemplazar
chopped chives can replace the parsley el perejil se puede sustituir por cebolletas picadas; he replaced Evans as managing director sustituyó or reemplazó a Evans en el puesto de director gerente; nobody could ever replace him in my heart nadie podrá jamás ocupar su lugar en mi corazón
the council tax replaces the poll tax next April the city lawyer who replaced Bob as chairman of the company the male bird arrives to replace the female on the nest
5 (change) cambiar
the battery needs replacing hay que cambiar la pila
he can't even replace a light bulb the garage failed to replace the spark plugs the subcutaneous implants are replaced as often as necessary
Verb Conjugations for reemplazar
Present Participle: reemplazando
Past Participle: reemplazado
Irregular forms are in red
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