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transitive verb
1. to repeat (hacer, decir de nuevo); to renew (ataque); to have seconds of (en comida)
  • repíteme tu apellido could you repeat your surname?, could you tell me your surname again?
  • te lo he repetido mil veces I've told you a thousand times
  • repitió tercero (education) he repeated his third year
intransitive verb
2. to repeat a year (alumno)
3. (sabor, alimento)
  • repetir (a alguien) to repeat (on somebody)
  • el ajo repite mucho garlic really repeats on you
4. to have seconds (comensal)
pronominal verb
1. to recur (fenómeno)
  • este fenómeno se repite cada verano this phenomenon recurs o is repeated every summer
2. to repeat oneself (persona)
transitive verb
(reiterar) to repeat; (rehacer) to do again
le repito que es imposible I repeat that it is impossible; los niños repiten lo que hacen las personas mayores children imitate adults; repetir el postre to have a second helping o seconds (familiar) of dessert; repetir un curso to repeat a year
intransitive verb
1 (servirse de nuevo) to have a second helping
repetir de un plato
se comió un buen plato y repitió she ate a large plateful and then had a second helping
2 [+ajo, pepino, chorizo]
el pepino repite mucho cucumber keeps repeating on you; las cebollas me repiten onions repeat on me
pronominal verb
1 [+persona] to repeat o.s.
2 [+suceso] to recur
¡ojalá no se repita esto! I hope this won't happen again!
3 [+comida]
el ajo se me repite mucho garlic repeats on me
Verb Conjugations for repetir
Gerund: repitiendo
Participle: repetido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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