"repetir" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to repeat (hacer, decir de nuevo); to renew (ataque); to have seconds of (en comida)
  • repíteme tu apellido -> could you repeat your surname?, could you tell me your surname again?
  • te lo he repetido mil veces -> I've told you a thousand times
  • repitió tercero (education) -> he repeated his third year
intransitive verb
2. to repeat a year (alumno)
3. (sabor, alimento)
  • repetir (a alguien) -> to repeat (on somebody)
  • el ajo repite mucho -> garlic really repeats on you
4. to have seconds (comensal)
pronomial verb
1. to recur (fenómeno)
  • este fenómeno se repite cada verano -> this phenomenon recurs o is repeated every summer
2. to repeat oneself (persona)

repetir [ray-pay-teer’]
article & verb transitive
1. To demand or claim repeatedly and urgently.
2. To repeat, to reiterate, to use again, to do again, to try again (volver a hacer).
3. To repeat, to recite, to rehearse.
  • Le repito que es imposible -> I repeat that it is impossible
verb neuter
4. To have the taste of what was eaten or drunk in the mouth. (n)
5. To deliver a public discourse previous to the examination for the higher degrees in the universities. (n)
verb reflexive
6. To repeat oneself (artista).
7. To recur (suceso).
(Yo repito, yo repita; él repitió; from REPETIR.

(reiterar) to repeat; (rehacer) to do again
le repito que es imposible I repeat that it is impossible; los niños repiten lo que hacen las personas mayores children imitate adults; repetir el postre to have a second helping o seconds (familiar) of dessert; repetir un curso to repeat a year
1 (servirse de nuevo) to have a second helping
repetir de un plato
se comió un buen plato y repitió she ate a large plateful and then had a second helping
2 [+ajo, pepino, chorizo]
el pepino repite mucho cucumber keeps repeating on you; las cebollas me repiten onions repeat on me
1 [+persona] to repeat o.s.
2 [+suceso] to recur
¡ojalá no se repita esto! I hope this won't happen again!
3 [+comida]
el ajo se me repite mucho garlic repeats on me

Verb Conjugations for "repetir" (go to to repeat, to do again)


yo repito repetí repetía repetiría repetiré
repites repetiste repetías repetirías repetirás
él/ella/Ud. repite repitió repetía repetiría repetirá
nosotros repetimos repetimos repetíamos repetiríamos repetiremos
vosotros repetís repetisteis repetíais repetiríais repetiréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. repiten repitieron repetían repetirían repetirán
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