1. (of passport, membership) 
a. la renovación (F) 
2. (of attempts, calls, attacks) 
a. la reanudación (F) 
renewal [rɪˈnjuːəl]
1 (reinvigoration) renacimiento (m)
there was a renewal of faith in the old values hubo un renacimiento de la fe en viejos valores; a spiritual renewal un renacimiento espiritual; una renovación espiritual
the Sun Dance is a celebration of the renewal of life Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal
2 (renovation) renovación (f)
a housing renewal programme un programa de renovación de viviendas; urban renewal renovación (f) urbanística
3 (restarting) [of negotiations, relations] reanudación (f); [of attack, hostilities] recrudecimiento (m)
Iran reopened its embassy in London following the renewal of diplomatic relations a secret mission to Tehran to speed up a renewal of ties between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic republic
4 (revalidation) [of contract, passport, subscription, library book] renovación (f); [of lease, loan] prórroga (f); renovación (f)
his contract is up for renewal le toca que le renueven el contrato
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