masculine noun
1. (lingering ill will) 
Manuel seguía lleno de rencor por lo que hizo su hermano.Manuel was still full of resentment about what his brother did.
A pesar del rencor que sentía hacia él, tuvo que saludarlo.Despite the bitterness she felt towards him, she had to greet him.
c. rancor (United States) 
El rencor que sentía por lo sucedido no lo dejaba concentrarse. The rancor he felt over what happened wouldn't let him concentrate.
d. rancour (United Kingdom) 
Recuerdo sin rencor el día que supe que había perdido todo mis ahorros.I recall without rancour the day I found out I'd lost all my savings.
Espero que no haya rencor y que podamos ser amigos. I hope there aren't any hard feelings and we can be friends.
1. (general) 
a. resentment, bitterness 
espero que no me guardes rencorI hope you don't feel bitter toward me
me guarda rencor por lo que le hicehe bears me a grudge because of what I did to him
(amargura) rancour; rancor; (EEUU) bitterness; (resentimiento) ill feeling; resentment; (malicia) spitefulness
guardar rencor to bear malice; harbour o harbor a grudge; (EEUU)a against; no le guardo rencor I bear him no malice
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