"removido" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to stir (agitar) (sopa, café); to toss (ensalada); to turn over, to dig up (tierra)
2. to stir up, to rake up (recuerdos, pasado)
3. to dismiss, to sack (despedir) (Am)
pronomial verb
1. to fidget (moverse); to toss and turn (en la cama)

remover [ray-mo-verr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To remove (objetos), to shift from place to place.
2. To remove an obstacle (quitar).
3. To alter.
4. To dismiss.
  • Remover el pasado -> to stir up the past
(Yo remuevo, yo remueva, from Remover. V. MOVER.

1 [+tierra] to turn over; dig up; [+objetos] to move round; [+fuego, brasas] to poke; stir; [+sopa] to stir; [+ensalada] to toss; [+cóctel] to shake
remover el pasado to stir up the past; remover un asunto to go into a matter; remover un proyecto to revive a scheme
remover cielo y tierra
remover Roma con Santiago
to move heaven and earth
2 (quitar) to remove; (Med) to remove
3 especialmente (Latinoamérica) (cesar) to dismiss

Verb Conjugations for "remover" (go to to stir; to remove, to oust; to revive)


yo remuevo removí removía removería removeré
remueves removiste removías removerías removerás
él/ella/Ud. remueve removió removía removería removerá
nosotros removemos removimos removíamos removeríamos removeremos
vosotros removéis removisteis removíais removeríais removeréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. remueven removieron removían removerían removerán
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