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transitive verb
1. aliviar (alleviate) (pain, anxiety, problem); atenuar, mitigar (tension, boredom)
  • to feel relieved sentirse aliviado(a)
  • he relieved himself (Euph) hizo sus necesidades
2. relevar (replace)
3. liberar (liberate) (city)
  • to relieve somebody from a duty liberar a alguien de una obligación
  • to relieve somebody of his wallet (humorístico) birlarle a alguien la cartera
relieve [rɪˈliːv]
transitive verb
1 (alleviate) [+sufferings, pain, headache] aliviar; [+burden] aligerar; [+tension, boredom, anxiety] disipar; aliviar
to relieve the boredom of the journey para que el viaje se haga menos aburrido; the plain is relieved by an occasional hill de vez en cuando una colina rompe con la monotonía de la llanura
2 (ease) [+person's mind] tranquilizar
it relieves me to hear it me tranquiliza saberlo
3 [+feelings, anger] desahogar
to relieve one's feelings desahogarse; I relieved my feelings in a letter me desahogué escribiendo una carta
to relieve o.s. (go to lavatory) ir al baño; hacer pis (informal)
5 (release)
to relieve sb from doing sth to relieve sb of anxiety this relieves us of financial worries
to relieve sb of a duty exonerar a algn de un deber; to relieve sb of a post destituir a algn; he was relieved of his command fue relevado de su mando; let me relieve you of your coat permítame tomarle el abrigo; to relieve sb of his wallet quitar la cartera a algn; robar la cartera a algn
6 (Mil) [+city] descercar; socorrer; [+troops] relevar
I'll come and relieve you at six vengo a las seis a relevarte
to relieve the poor (help) socorrer a los pobres
masculine noun
1. terrain (geography)
  • un relieve muy accidentado very rugged terrain
2. (Arte)
  • alto relieve high relief
  • bajo relieve bas-relief
  • en relieve in relief
3. (elevación)
  • la pieza tiene un centímetro de relieve the part protrudes by a centimeter
4. importance (importancia)
  • para dar relieve al acontecimiento,… to lend importance to the event…
  • poner de relieve to underline (the importance of), to highlight
1 (Arte) (Técnica) relief
alto relieve high relief; bajo relieve bas-relief; en relieve in relief; estampar o grabar en relieve to emboss
2 (Geografía)
un país de relieve montañoso a mountainous country
3 (importancia) importance
un personaje de relieve an important o prominent figure; dar relieve a algo to lend importance to sth; la asistencia del ministro dio relieve a la celebración the minister's presence lent an added importance to the event; poner algo de relieve to highlight sth; el colapso circulatorio puso de relieve la falta de planificación the traffic chaos highlighted the lack of planning
el presidente puso de relieve la necesidad de reformar el sistema educativo
4 relieves (restos) leftovers
Verb Conjugations for aliviar
Gerund: aliviando
Participle: aliviado
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