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1. (dependable)
a. fiable
I need to sell my car and buy something newer and more reliable.Necesito vender mi coche y comprar algo más nuevo y fiable.
b. confiable
He's a reliable friend; he's always there for me.Él es un amigo confiable, siempre está allí para mí.
2. (trustworthy)
a. fidedigno
He's a reliable source of information in the organization.Es una fuente de información fidedigna dentro de la organización.
1. fiable (person, machine), confiable (Am); fidedigno(a), fiable , confiable (Am)
  • from a reliable source (information) de fuentes fidedignas
reliable [rɪˈlaɪəbl]
1 (dependable) [+person, firm] digno de confianza; formal; [+ally] en el que se puede confiar; [+car] seguro; fiable; [+method] de fiar
she's very reliable puedes confiar completamente en ella; es una persona muy formal; they provide a cheap and reliable service proporcionan un servicio barato y fiable
2 (trustworthy) [+information, figures, guide, indicator] fiable; [+evidence, report, description, account] fidedigno; [+memory] de fiar
reliable sources fuentes (f) fidedignas
no reliable figures are available for 1990 there is no reliable scientific evidence to back up these claims the figures are seen as a reliable guide to future performance
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