rejo [ray’-ho]
1. A pointed iron bar or spike (punta). (m)
2. Sting of a bee or other insect. (m)
3. Nail or round iron with which quoits are played. (m)
4. Rim of iron put around the frame of a door to strengthen it. (m)
5. Strength, vigor. (m)
6. In seeds, the radicle, the organ from which the root is formed. (m)
7. Whip (látigo). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
8. Stick (porra). (Caribbean) (m)
9. Stick (porra). (Caribbean) (m)
10. Milking (ordeño). (Andes) (m)

1 (punta) spike; sharp point
2 [de insecto] sting
3 (Botánica) radicle
4 (vigor) strength; vigour; vigor; (EEUU) toughness
5 (Latinoamérica) (látigo) whip; (soga) cattle rope
6 (Caribe) (tira) strip of raw leather; (porra) stick; club
rejo tieso brave person
7 (And) (ordeño) milking; (vacas) herd of cows

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