feminine noun
1. bars (barrotes); grating (en el suelo); grille (en ventana)
  • poner una reja en la ventana -> to put bars on the window
  • estar entre rejas -> to be behind bars

reja [ray’-hah]
1. Plough sharer, cotter or courter. (f)
2. Ploughing, turning over ground with a plough; tillage. (f)
3. Iron grate of a window or fence. (f)
4. Prison (cárcel). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
5. (Cono Sur) Cattle truck. (m)
  • Estar entre rejas -> to be behind bars

1 [de ventana] bars
; (p)
[de cercado] railing
entre rejas
estar entre rejas to be behind bars; meter a algn entre rejas to put sb behind bars
2 (Religión) screen
3 (Agr)
reja del arado ploughshare; plowshare; (EEUU)
4 (Latinoamérica) (cárcel) prison; nick (muy_familiar)
5 (México) (Cos) darn; darning
6 (S. Cone) (Agr) cattle truck

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