1. (control) 
Some people advocate for the legalization and regulation of cannabis.Algunas personas abogan por la legalización y la regulación del cannabis.
2. (rule) 
a. la norma (F) 
The company has a regulation that prohibits spouses from working the same shifts.La compañía tiene una norma que prohíbe que los cónyuges trabajen en los mismos turnos.
b. la regla (F) 
There is no regulation against using your discount to buy things for friends, but it's frowned upon.No hay ninguna regla contra usar tu descuento para comprar cosas para amigos, pero está mal visto.
A new regulation would make the requirements for citizenship more stringent.Un nuevo reglamento incrementaría la exigencia de los requisitos para la ciudadanía.
3. (maintenance of operation) 
That engine is in need of regulation and tuning.A ese motor le falta regulación y ajuste.
Valve regulation is achieved by means of a control attached to the valve.El reglaje de la válvula se logra mediante un control adosado a la válvula.
4. (approved) 
The girls received demerits for wearing skirts to school that were not of regulation length.Las chicas recibieron una falta por llevar una falda a la escuela que no era de largo reglamentario.
1. (action) 
a. la regulación (F) 
2. (rule) 
a. la regla f, norma (F) 
regulationsreglamento m, normas fpl
3. (size, dress) 
a. reglamentario(a) 
regulation [ˌreɡjʊˈleɪʃən]
1 (rule) norma (f)
the European Community has proposed new regulations to control the hours worked by its employees there are specific regulations governing these types of machines
fire regulations normas (f) de seguridad contraincendios; safety regulations normas (f) de seguridad
the violation of health and safety regulations in the workplace under pressure from the American government, Fiat and other manufacturers obeyed the new safety regulations /the building does not meet fire regulations/ because it does not have the legal minimum of emergency exits
it's against (the) regulations va contra las normas or el reglamento
2 (control) (no pl) [of industry, products, prices, temperature, level, pressure] regulación (f)
a body responsible for the regulation of independent television un organismo regulador responsable de las cadenas de televisión independientes
stricter regulation of toxic waste disposal the regulation of body temperature social services also have responsibility for the regulation of nurseries some in the market now want government regulation in order to reduce costs we don't believe in more regulation - we believe in less /government regulation in this respect was lax/, and alcohol was not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration
3 (Téc) [of machine, mechanism] regulación (f); reglaje (m)
(statutory) [+dress, size, haircut] reglamentario
he had the short regulation haircut of a policeman a typical yuppie in regulation striped shirt and polka-dot tie a noisy cheerful group of people in regulation black parade tunics she was wearing the hospital's regulation blue pyjamas English shop-signs are allowed in Quebec but they must be of the regulation size the government has built them a regulation-size baseball pitch tired of hi-fi in regulation black boxes? - fancy a system appealing to the eye as well as the ear? a trendy production of Sartre with the actors in the regulation black polonecks
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