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1. (general) 
registered lettercarta certificada
registered mailcorreo certificado
Registered General Nurseenfermero(a) diplomado(a) ≃ ATS mf
registered postcorreo certificado
registered trademarkmarca registrada
2. (computers) 
registered userusuario(a) registrado(a)
registered [ˈredʒɪstəd]
[+letter] certificado; [+student, car] matriculado; [+voter] inscrito
Blacks make up about a quarter of the state's registered voters Turnout among the four million registered voters was more than half
to be a registered Democrat/Republican (US) (Pol) estar inscrito como votante demócrata/republicano
Even though I've been a registered Republican for years and I voted for the guys, I'm sick and tired of them only registered Republicans can participate in the GOP primary
registered charity (n) sociedad (f) benéfica legalmente constituida
The Disabled Living Foundation is a registered charity that works to decrease the handicapping effects of disability GAYE enables employees to give up to Pounds 600 a year of their pre-tax income to registered charities of their choice
registered company (n) sociedad (f) legalmente constituida
registered mail (n)
registered post See culture box in entry registered.
registered nurse (n) (US) enfermeroaenfermera (m) (f) tituladoatitulada;a enfermera a titulada
registered office (n) domicilio (m) social
registered post (n) (Britain) servicio (m) de entrega con acuse de recibo
All tickets will be sent by registered post
registered trademark (n) marca (f) registrada
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