1. (record) 
a. el registro (M) (music and linguistics) 
2. (school) 
to take the registerpasar lista
register of births, marriages and deathsregistro civil
register of voterscenso electoral
(cash) registercaja registradora
register officeregistro civil
transitive verb
3. (record; member) 
a. inscribir 
4. (student) 
a. matricular 
5. (birth, marriage, death) 
a. registrar 
6. (complaint, protest) 
a. presentar 
7. (show; temperature, speed) 
a. registrar 
8. (astonishment, displeasure) 
a. denotar, mostrar 
9. (realize; fact, problem) 
a. darse cuenta de, enterarse de 
10. (achieve; progress) 
a. realizar 
intransitive verb
11. (for course) 
a. matricularse 
12. (at hotel) 
a. inscribirse, registrarse 
13. (voter) 
a. inscribirse (en el censo) 
14. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (fact) 
it didn't register with himno se enteró
register [ˈredʒɪstəʳ]
1 (list) (in hotel) registro (m); (in school) lista (f); [of members] lista (f); registro (m)
a national register of missing children is there such a thing as a register of company owners? they produce a register of practitioners the teacher marks the register at the beginning of the lesson I checked the hotel register but she hadn't arrived the British Reflexology Association publishes a register of members
the register of births, marriages and deaths el registro civil; to call or take the register pasar lista
she calls the register for her class of thirty 12 year olds Register of [Companies] to [sign] the register he signed the register at the hotel
2 (Mús) [of instrument, voice] registro (m)
the piano has an exceptionally wide register the register of the cor anglais is somewhat lower than that of the oboe I heard a shift in his tone of voice, a change of register and pitch learning to lower your register can help a great deal when it comes to self-presentation the flute register he suddenly delivered a breathtaking, high register harmonica solo for me, music is contrast between high register and low register, slow music and fast music a short, peremptory, upper register note from the flutes whenever I used my lower register I sounded like Yul Brynner
3 (Ling) registro (m)
level of formality
there's a difference of or in register between the two terms existe una diferencia de registro entre los dos términos
he's writing in a very particular register here
4 (also cash register) caja (f) registradora
5 (Téc) (gauge of speed, numbers) indicador (m)
6 (air vent) rejilla (f) de ventilación
a windowless bathroom with a wrought-iron register in the floor
7 (Comput) registro (m)
there seems to be a slight problem with the register on these proofs
transitive verb
1 (record) [+fact, figure] registrar; hacer constar; [+birth, marriage, death] registrar; inscribir; [+company, property] registrar; [+car, ship] matricular; registrar; [+letter] certificar
are you registered with a doctor? ¿está inscrito en la lista de pacientes de algún médico?; to be registered to vote estar inscrito en el censo electoral
if you're sending important documents through the post, it would be a good idea to register them we registered his birth at the embassy /the house is registered in her name/, not her husband's it doesn't say when you get a gun, you have to register the gun the company is registered as a charity the ship is registered in Panama in order to register a car in Japan, the owner must have somewhere to park it to register one's luggage through to London
to be registered blind/disabled estar registrado como ciego/minusválido
two thirds of companies fail to employ their quota of registered disabled Leslie, 54, has been registered blind for 36 years
2 (show) [+reading] marcar; indicar; [+improvement, reduction] experimentar
the petrol gauge was registering empty el indicador de gasolina marcaba or indicaba que el depósito estaba vacío; production has registered a big fall la producción ha experimentado un descenso considerable
the earthquake registered 5.3 points on the Richter scale the scales registered a gain of 1.3 kilograms the patient has registered a marked improvement blue-collar workers in manufacturing industry, who registered the most spectacular advances in income
3 (express) [+emotion] manifestar; mostrar; [+protest, support] expresar; manifestar; [+complaint] presentar
he registered no surprise no manifestó or mostró sorpresa alguna
she laughed, but her face registered concern his face registered no emotion he stared at me for a moment, his face registering disbelief her full mouth registered amusement at some private joke I wish to register my personal protest at this decision voters wish to register their dissatisfaction with the ruling party orkers stopped work to register their protest if you're unhappy with the system of rubbish collection I'd advise you to register a complaint with the local authority PEG> Faldo is equally determined to register his fifth PGA win
intransitive verb
1 (sign on) (with agency, for course or conference) inscribirse; (at hotel) registrarse; (Univ) [+student] matricularse; inscribirse
on electoral roll
to register with a doctor inscribirse en la lista de un médico; to register as unemployed registrarse como parado; to register with the police dar parte a la policía; to register to vote inscribirse or registrarse en el censo electoral
I've registered with an employment agency to register for military service England registered their first win of the competition last night the Party will probably register a significant advance in the forthcoming elections Lineker struck the winner five minutes from time to register his ninth goal in six games Faldo is equally determined to register his fifth PGA win
2 (be understood)
it doesn't seem to have registered with her no parece haber hecho mella en ella; when it finally registered cuando por fin cayó en la cuenta
his joke had failed to register it wasn't that she couldn't hear me, it was just that what I said sometimes didn't register in her brain I told them I would be leaving, but I don't think it registered.
3 (show) [+reading] ser detectado; [+emotion] manifestarse
surprise registered on her face la sorpresa se manifestó en su cara
such small amounts won't register on this machine it will only register on sophisticated X-ray equipment the album failed to reach the US Top 30 and barely registered in the British charts two parts of machine
register office (n)
a ship of 50,000 gross register tons
registry office See culture box in entry registry.
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Gerund: registrando
Participle: registrado
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