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1. región (f)
  • in the region of alrededor de, del orden de (approximately)
region [ˈriːdʒən]
1 [of country, human body] región (f); zona (f)
the densely populated coastal region la región or zona costera densamente poblada; Asia and the Pacific region Asia y la región del Pacífico; the pelvic region la región or la zona pélvica; a pain in the region of my kidneys un dolor a la altura de los riñones
the autonomous region of Catalonia a crime wave which spread terror throughout the region the frontal region of the brain I felt a chill in the region of my spine he was complaining of pains in the shoulder region. she had no movement in the lower regions of her body a remote mountain region
the regions (provinces) las provincias
London and the regions tax incentives would be used to attract firms to the regions, away from the South-East now for our latest reports on unemployment in the regions.
2 (field, sphere) campo (m)
and here we enter a region of moral ambiguity y aquí entramos en un campo de ambigüedad moral
To have access to the truth and so to pass beyond the region of mere opinion is to take great risks.
in the region of (approximately) aproximadamente; alrededor de; it will cost in the region of £6 million costará aproximadamente or alrededor de 6 millones de libras; I would say she's in the region of 40 yo diría que ronda los 40; yo diría que tiene unos 40 años
temperatures would be in the region of 500 degrees centigrade it was going to be in the region of fifteen to thirty years before the debt would be paid off.
feminine noun
1. region ; district (military)
1 (Geografía) (Política) region; (área) area; part
2 (Anatomía) region
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