transitive verb
1. (to consider) 
I would regard that comment as an insult if I were in your place.Consideraría ese comentario un insulto si estuviera en tu lugar.
2. (to look at) 
Paul regarded his baby with a deep love.Paul contemplaba a su bebé con un amor profundo.
b. observar 
The hunters regarded the bear with caution.Los cazadores observaban el oso con cautela.
3. (to esteem) 
a. estimar 
The academic community regards our calculus professor very highly.La comunidad académica estima mucho a nuestro profesor de cálculo.
4. (to concern) 
a. concernir 
This criticism of the proposal regards article 44 in particular.Esta crítica de la propuesta concierne particularmente el artículo 44.
5. (consideration) 
It's disturbing to see how little regard she has for her sister's feelings.Es preocupante ver la poca consideración que le tiene a los sentimientos de su hermana.
6. (aspect) 
She appears very liberal in that regard, but not in others.Parece ser muy liberal en ese aspecto, pero en otros no.
7. (esteem) 
a. la estima (F) 
The surgeon's colleagues have high regard for her.Los colegas de la cirujana la tienen en gran estima.
Out of regard for the good relationship we've had for years, I'll forgive you this time.Por respeto a la buena relación que hemos tenido durante años, te perdonaré esta vez.
I had high regard for her until I heard her political ranting.Tenía un gran concepto de ella hasta que escuché su sermón político.
plural noun
8. (in written correspondence) 
We'll see you next weekend when we visit Seville. Regards, Jack and MariaTe veremos cuando visitamos Sevilla el próximo fin de semana. Saludos, Jack y María
I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Ms L. BrownEn espera de su respuesta. Atentamente, Srta. L. Brown
9. (greetings) 
a. saludos 
My brother sends his regards.Me hermano te manda saludos.
1. (admiration) 
a. la admiración f, estima (F) 
to hold somebody in high/low regardtener mucha/poca estima a alguien
2. (consideration) 
a. la consideración (F) 
out of regard forpor consideración hacia
without regard tosin (ninguna) consideración por
don't pay any regard to what she saysno hagas caso de lo que diga
3. (connection) 
a. no direct translation 
in this regarden este sentido
in all regardsen todos los sentidos or aspectos
with regard toen cuanto a, con respecto a
regardssaludos mpl
give her my regardssalúdala de mi parte
transitive verb
4. (admire, respect) 
a. no direct translation 
I regard him highlytengo un alto concepto de él
5. (consider) 
a. no direct translation 
to regard something/somebody as…considerar algo/a alguien…
to regard something/somebody with suspiciontener recelo de algo/alguien
6. (concern) 
a. concernir 
as regards…en lo referente or concerniente a…
regard [rɪˈɡɑːd]
1 (relation) respecto (m); aspecto (m)
in or with regard to con respecto a; with regard to your letter of 25 June con respecto a su carta del 25 de junio; government policy with regard to immigration la política del gobierno con respecto a la inmigración or en materia de inmigración
my upbringing was fairly strict in regard to obedience and truthfulness
I was right in one regard tenía razón en un aspecto; in this/that regard en este/ese aspecto; a este/ese respecto
I made a mistake in that regard in this regard nothing has changed in this regard, the child may be thought of as having two homes.
2 (esteem) estima (f); respeto (m)
my regard for him la estima or el respeto que le tengo
to have a high or great regard for sb hold sb in high regard tener a algn en gran estima; tener un gran concepto de algn
I have a very high regard for him and what he has achieved he had a great regard for writing and a great regard for writers he holds the Brazilian's work, both as a composer and a singer, in high regard he's got a great regard for you - he takes you seriously to hold sb/sth in [low] regard the German public tends to hold the armed forces in low regard he ran a sub-standard surgery with sub-standard facilities and a low regard for cleanliness
out of regard for por respeto a
those stories were not reported, out of regard for the privacy of politicians the Iraqis refused to hand over the information out of regard for what they call moral obligation
3 (attention, consideration)
it should be done with a proper regard for safety debería hacerse prestándole la atención debida a la seguridad
such issues have to be decided with due regard to the interests of the company's shareholders
having regard to teniendo en cuenta
it's a fair rent, having regard to current prices it's about the right price, having regard to the wear and tear that's taken place to [have] [show] little/scant/no regard for sth/sb
he shows little regard for their feelings muestra poca consideración por sus sentimientos
people who had little regard for human life the Templars showed scant regard for the law or their neighbours her husband had never shown much regard for her interests Caribbean countries run by soldiers with little regard for democracy or human rights the characters cry and yell with scant regard for dramatic propriety the life president rules his country with scant regard to accepted human rights standards
they have no regard for human life no tienen or muestran ningún respeto a la vida humana
colonialism imposed an alien Western system of laws, with no regard to existing legal frameworks [with] little/scant/no regard to for sth the article was written with scant regard to accuracy
without regard to/for sth: without regard to race, creed or sex sin considerar or sin tener en cuenta la raza, la religión o el sexo; without regard for her own safety sin reparar en or tener en cuenta su propia seguridad
he spends without regard to his bank balance the Party ruled the country without regard for the people's views their policies have been developed without regard for the interests of the local inhabitants
4 regards (in messages) recuerdos (m); saludos (m)
(give my) regards to Yvonne (dele) recuerdos a Yvonne; salude a Yvonne de mi parte
give my regards to your family my best regards to Mary
(with) kind/best regards (as letter ending) saludos
to [send] sb one's regards
he sends his regards os manda recuerdos or saludos
that nice Mr Pitkin was there and sent his regards to you both
5 (gaze) mirada (f)
I quailed at her regard
transitive verb
1 (look at) contemplar; observar
she regarded me with astonishment she regarded him curiously for a moment the clerk regarded him with benevolent amusement
(view) mirar
to regard sb with suspicion mirar a algn con recelo
she regarded me with astonishment she regarded him curiously for a moment the clerk regarded him with benevolent amusement they regard it with horror he regarded drug dealers with loathing his visitors regarded him with a mixture of contempt, envy, and hope
2 (consider) considerar
to regard sb [as] sth to regard sth [as] sth
he is regarded as Britain's foremost composer se lo considera or está considerado el compositor más importante de Gran Bretaña; we don't regard it as necessary no lo consideramos necesario; no nos parece necesario
he was regarded as the most successful Chancellor of modern times it doesn't matter if you make a few mistakes - /just regard it as useful experience we regard it as worth doing "I regard this as a serious matter," he went on many Conservatives disapprove of the tax, regarding it as unfair to regard o.s. [as] sth
would you regard yourself as a feminist? ¿se considera usted feminista?
I don't regard myself as an expert on language she now regarded herself as a woman
3 (esteem)
he was a highly regarded scholar era un académico muy respetado or de mucha reputación
he is highly regarded in the City they found that they were not regarded so highly or so positively by their teachers
4 (concern) tratar; tocar
the next item regards the proposed merger el siguiente punto trata or toca la fusión propuesta; as regards en or por lo que respecta a; en or por lo que se refiere a; en cuanto a
as regards tact and diplomacy he hasn't a clue my position as regards these proposals as regards the war, Haig believed in victory at any price in my opinion, she was no artist at all as regards dancing... as regards the car, I didn't forget to put an advertisement in the paper
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in this regard
en este aspecto
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