reflexive verb
1. (to indulge oneself) 
a. to treat oneself 
Para celebrar su aumento de sueldo, se regaló una buena cena.To celebrate her pay raise, she treated herself to a nice dinner.
transitive verb
2. (to give a gift) 
a. to give 
Mis padres me regalaron una nueva computadora para mi cumpleaños.My parents gave me a new computer for my birthday.
3. (to give for free) 
a. to give away 
La fundación generosa les regaló libros a todos las escuelas del condado.The generous foundation gave away books to all of the county schools.
pronominal verb
1. (general) 
a. to treat oneself to 
transitive verb
2. (dar; de regalo) 
a. to give (as a present) 
3. (gratis) 
a. to give away 
¿qué le regalarás para Navidad?what are you going to give o get her for Christmas?
me regalaron un reloj para mi cumpleañosI got a watch for my birthday
si lo quieres, te lo regaloif you'd like it, you can have it for free o I'll give it to you
si compras dos, te regalan unaif you buy two, you get one free
4. (agasajar) 
regalar a alguien con algoto shower somebody with something
5. (prestar) (Latin America) 
a. to lend 
transitive verb
1 (dar como regalo) to give; give as a present
regalar algo a algn to give sb sth; make sb a present of sth; en su jubilación le regalaron este reloj they gave him this clock on his retirement; they presented him with this clock on his retirement; están regalando plumas they're giving pens away; regaló el balón (Dep) he gave the ball away
2 (agasajar)
regalar a algn con un banquete to hold a dinner in sb's honour o honor; (EEUU) le regalaron con toda clase de atenciones they lavished attention on him
pronominal verb
regalarse (darse gusto) to indulge o.s.; pamper o.s.
Verb Conjugations for regalar
Gerund: regalando
Participle: regalado
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