1. (consultation) 
a. la consulta (F) 
2. (source) 
a. la referencia (F) 
for reference onlypara consulta en sala
to keep something for future referenceguardar algo para su posterior consulta
reference book/worklibro m/obra de consulta
reference numbernúmero de referencia
reference point, point of referencepunto de referencia
3. (allusion) 
a. la referencia f, alusión (F) 
with reference to…con referencia a…
4. (from employer) (United Kingdom) 
a. la informe m, referencia (F) 
reference [ˈrefrəns]
1 (act of referring) consulta (f)
an index is included for ease of reference or for easy reference se incluye un índice para facilitar la consulta; it was agreed without reference to me se acordó sin consultarme; for future reference, please note that ... por si importa en el futuro, obsérvese que ...; I'll keep it for future reference lo guardo por si hace falta consultarlo en el futuro
2 (allusion) alusión (f); referencia (f)
I can't find any reference to him in the files no encuentro nada que haga referencia a él en los archivos; he does this by reference to the same principles hace esto tomando como referencia los mismos principios; without reference to any particular case sin referirse a ningún caso (en) concreto; with particular reference to ... con referencia especial a ...; he spoke without any reference to you habló sin mencionarte para nada; to make reference to sth/sb hacer referencia a algo/algn; hacer alusión a algo/algn
3 (identifying source) (in text) referencia (f); remisión (f); (citation) referencia (f); (Comm) (in letter, catalogue) (also reference number) número (m) de referencia; (on map) indicación (f); (Tip) (also reference mark) llamada (f)
"reference XYZ2" "número de referencia: XYZ2"; to look up a reference (in book) buscar una referencia; (on map) seguir las coordenadas
4 (testimonial) (document) referencia (f); informe (m); (person) garante (m); fiadorafiadora (m) (f);a fiadora
she has good references tiene buenas referencias; tiene buenos informes; the firm offered to give her a reference la empresa se ofreció a darle referencias or informes; to take up (sb's) references pedir referencias or informes (de algn)
5 (remit)
transitive verb
1 (provide references for) [+book] dotar de referencias a
2 (refer to) [+source] citar
he referenced Chomsky 1956
[+material, tool, room] de consulta
reference book (n) libro (m) de consulta
there are several reference books which have been compiled to help you make your choice
reference group (n) (Sociol) grupo (m) de estudio
this reflects culturally appropriate goals within a chosen social reference group the housing practices of home owners reflect different lifestyles and reference groups by "reference group" we mean teachers, parents and ministers or other groups whose behaviour serves as a standard for the child
reference library (n) biblioteca (f) de consulta
I spent a very fruitful afternoon in the Central Reference Library
reference mark (n) llamada (f)
reference number (n) número (m) de referencia
make a note of the reference number shown on the form please quote the following reference number in all correspondence
reference point (n) punto (m) de referencia
the report is not the definitive piece of research into short termism. However, it is an important reference point before, we could only play in an English style because, for Americans, English football was the only reference point this approach provides both a reference point to the original version and a departure point for new interpretations you need a bright star in the field of view to use as a reference point
reference price (n) (Agr) precio (m) de referencia
the sensitive issue of reestablishing quotas or setting a reference price for oil
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