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redondo, -a
1. round (circular, esférico)
  • girar en redondo, -a to turn round
  • caerse redondo, -a (figurative) to collapse in a heap
2. excellent (perfecto)
  • fue una compra redonda it was an excellent buy
  • salir redondo, -a to go like a dream, to turn out perfectly
3. categorical (rotundo)
  • se negó en redondo, -a a escucharnos she refused point-blank to listen to us
4. round (cantidad)
  • cien euros redondos a round hundred euros
masculine noun
5. topside (cooking)
1 [+forma] round
tiene la cara redonda he has a round face; tres metros en redondo three metres (a)round
¿cuánto tiene en redondo?
caer redondo: le dispararon y cayó redondo he was shot and collapsed in a heap
cayó redondo en la cama he went out like a light as soon as he got into bed
2 [+cantidad, cifra] round
en números redondos in round numbers; in round figures
3 (completo) complete; finished
todo le ha salido redondo it all went well for him; será un negocio redondo it will be a really good deal; el negocio era redondo the business was really profitable; triunfo redondo complete o resounding success
4 (definitivo)
dijo un no redondo he flatly refused
5 (México) [+viaje] round
6 (México) (lerdo) dense (familiar); thick (familiar); (débil) weak
en redondo: girar en redondo to turn right round; negarse en redondo to refuse flatly
2 (Música) disc; record
3 (Culin) rump steak
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