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1. rojo (m) (color)
  • to see red (familiar sentido figurado) ponerse hecho(a) una furia (become angry)
  • to be in the red estar en números rojos (be in debt)
2. rojo(a)
  • to have red hair ser pelirrojo(a)
  • to turn or go red ponerse rojo; (sky) ponerse colorado(a) (person)
  • to be as red as a beetroot estar más rojo que un tomate or jitomate (español de México)
  • red alert alerta (f) roja
  • the Red Army (hisoria) el Ejército Rojo
  • red card tarjeta (f) roja
  • to be shown the red card ser expulsado(a) del campo
  • to roll out the red carpet for somebody (sentido figurado) recibir a alguien con todos los honores
  • red corpuscle (fisiología) glóbulo (m) rojo, hematíe (m)
  • Red Cross Cruz (f) Roja
  • red herring (sentido figurado) señuelo (m) (distraction) ; (para desviar la atención) pista (f) falsa (misleading clue)
  • Red Indian (Old-fashioned) (indio(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) ) piel roja (sustantivo masculino)
  • red light semáforo (m) (en) rojo
  • to go through a red light saltarse un semáforo en rojo
  • red-light district barrio (m) chino
  • red meat carne (f) roja
  • red pepper pimiento (m) rojo or colorado
  • mentioning her name to him was like a red rag to a bull la sola mención de su nombre le ponía hecho una furia
  • (Little) Red Riding Hood Caperucita (f) Roja
  • the Red Sea el Mar Rojo
  • red tape burocracia (f) , papeleo (m) (burocrático)
  • red wine vino (m) tinto
red [red]
redder (comparative)reddest (superlative)
1 (gen) [+apple, sweater, lips, pen] rojo; colorado; [+flower, sky] rojo; [+wine] tinto
the traffic lights are red el semáforo está en rojo; his eyes were red (from crying) tenía los ojos rojos; the red evening sun el sol rojizo del atardecer; bright red rojo fuerte or chillón; dark red rojo oscuro; deep red rojo intenso; to have red hair ser pelirrojo
it's like a red rag to a bull es lo que más le saca de quicio
to roll out the red carpet for sb recibir a algn por todo lo alto or a bombo y platillo
to give sb the red carpet treatment tratar a algn a cuerpo de rey
not a red cent (US) ni una gorda (informal)
red sky at night, shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning el cielo rojo por la noche es señal de buen tiempo, el cielo rojo por la mañana de mal tiempo
2 (flushed) [+face, cheeks] (with shame) sonrojado; (with anger) rojo; (with embarrassment) rojo; colorado
her face was red
to be red in the face (from anger, exertion, heat) estar rojo; tener la cara encendida (literary); (from embarrassment) estar rojo or colorado; tener la cara encendida (literary); to go red in the face (from anger, exertion, heat) ponerse rojo or colorado; (with embarrassment) ponerse colorado; (with shame) sonrojarse
Ralph clenched his fist and went very red
to go or turn as red as a beetroot ponerse como un tomate
3 (Pol) rojo
better red than dead más vale el vivir bajo los comunistas que morir luchando contra ellos
1 (colour) (color (m)) rojo (m)
to be dressed in red ir vestido de rojo
she was dressed all in red
it was underlined in red estaba subrayado en rojo
to be in the red [+account, firm] estar en números rojos
I'm £100 in the red tengo un descubierto de 100 libras en el banco; to go into or get into the red contraer deudas; to get out of the red liquidar las deudas
The company is expected to plunge Pounds 62 million into the red We hope to get out of the red soon
to see red sulfurarse; salirse de sus casillas
this makes me see red esto me saca de quicio
2 (Pol) (person) rojoaroja (m) (f);a roja
reds under the bed la amenaza comunista
3 (red wine) tinto (m)
La Rioja is better known for its reds than its whites Would you prefer red or white?
red admiral (n) vanesa (f) roja
red alert (n) alerta (f) roja
to be on red alert estar en alerta roja
the Red Army (n) el Ejército Rojo
red blood cell (n) glóbulo (m) rojo
red cabbage (n) col (f) lombarda; lombarda (f)
red card (n) (Ftbl) tarjeta (f) roja
to show sb the red card sacar a algn la tarjeta roja; (reprimand) llamar al orden a algn; amonestar a algn; (force to resign) destituir a algn
...the most depressing news since Mrs Thatcher was shown the red card Mr Ridley seems certain to be shown the ministerial red card Mr Dale Campbell-Savours, the Labour member for Workington, having been shown the red card by the Speaker, walked moodily towards the door, heading for an early bath Newcastle winger Ruel Fox was shown the red card by magistrates yesterday when he got a seven-day driving ban for speeding BBC executives were shown the red card when they wanted to feature soccer hooliganism in Backup, the new, tough cop series A football team has been shown the red card, for failing to provide sandwiches for opponents
red cedar (n) cedro (m) rojo
red cell (n) glóbulo (m) rojo
Red China (n) China (f) comunista
red corpuscle (n) corpúsculo (m) rojo
Red Cross (n) Cruz (f) Roja
red deer (n) ciervo (m) común
red ensign (n) (Náut) enseña (f) roja
red eye (n) (Fot) ojo (m) rojo
red flag (n) (on beach etc) bandera (f) roja
red giant (n) (Astron) gigante (m) rojo
red heat (n) calor (m) rojo
red herring (n) pista (f) falsa; despiste (m)
Red Indian (n) piel roja (m)
red lead (n) minio (m)
red light (n) (Aut) luz (f) roja
to go through a red light saltarse un semáforo en rojo
to [see] the red light
red meat (n) carne (f) roja
red mullet (n) salmonete (m)
red pepper (n) (capsicum) pimiento (m) rojo; pimiento (m) morrón; pimentón (m) rojo; (LAm) (powder) pimienta (f) de cayena
Red Riding Hood (n)(also Little Red Riding Hood) Caperucita (f) Roja
red salmon (n) salmón (m) rojo
Red Sea (n) mar (m) Rojo
red sea bream (n) besugo (m) (rojo)
red setter (n) setter (m) irlandés
red snapper (n) pargo (m)
red spider mite (n) arador (m) or ácaro (m) de la sarna
Red Square (n) (in Moscow) plaza (f) Roja
red squirrel (n) ardilla (f) roja
red tape (n) trámites (m); papeleo (m)
red wine (n) vino (m) tinto; tinto (m)
feminine noun
1. (computing)
a. network
Parece que la señal de la red está muy débil esta noche. It seems like the network signal is very weak tonight.
2. (mesh)
a. net
Usé la red para retirar las hojas caídas y los palos de la piscina.I used the net to fish out fallen leaves and sticks from the swimming pool.
3. (organization)
a. network
Debes de tener una red grande de contactos profesionales. You must have a large network of professional contacts.
feminine noun
1. net (malla); hairnet (para cabello)
  • caer en las redes de alguien (figurative) to fall into somebody's trap
  • echar o tender las redes (también figurative) to cast one's net
  • red de arrastre dragnet
  • red de deriva drift net
2. network, system (sistema); mains (de electricidad, agua)
  • conectar algo a la red (singular) to connect something to the mains
  • red ferroviaria rail network
  • red viaria road network o system
3. ring (organización) (de espionaje); chain (de tiendas, hoteles)
4. network (computing)
  • la Red the Net (Internet)
  • red local/neuronal local (area)/neural network
1 (para pescar) net; [de portería] net; [del pelo] hairnet; (malla) mesh; (para equipajes) (luggage) rack; (cerca) fence; (enrejado) grille
red barredera trawl
red de alambre wire mesh; wire netting
red de seguridad safety net
red metálica metal screen
2 [de cosas relacionadas] network; [de agua, suministro eléctrico] mains; main; (EEUU) supply system; [de tiendas] chain
la Red (Internet) the Net; con agua de la red with mains water; with water from the mains
[estar] conectado a la red
red de área extendida wide area network
red de área local local network; local area network
red de comunicaciones communications network
red de conmutación de circuito circuit switching network
red de distribución distribution network
red de emisoras radio network
red de espionaje spy network
red de rastreo tracking network
red de transmisión de datos data network
Red Digital de Servicios Integrados Integrated Services Digital Network
El mundo desarrollado estará interconectado a través de una [red digital de servicios integrados.] La [Red Digital de Servicios Integrados] [(RDSI)] permite al usuario la recepción de señales de voz, datos e imágenes fijas.
red ferroviaria railway network; railway system
red informática network
red local (Informática) local network; local area network
red rastreadora tracking network
red vascular vascular system
red viaria road network
3 (trampa) snare; trap
aprisionar a algn en sus redes to have sb firmly in one's clutches; have sb well and truly snared; caer en la red to fall into the trap; tender una red para algn to set a trap for sb
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