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transitive verb
1. to recognize (identificar)
  • no te reconocía I didn´t recognize you
  • el buen vino se reconoce por el color you can tell a good wine by its color
2. to admit (admitir)
  • reconozco que estaba equivocada I accept o admit that I was mistaken
  • hay que reconocer que lo hace muy bien you have to admit that she's very good at it
3. to examine (examinar)
4. to survey (terreno)
5. to recognize (law) (hijo, derecho, partido)
pronominal verb
1. to recognize each other (identificarse mutuamente)
2. (confesarse)
  • reconocerse culpable to admit one's guilt
transitive verb
1 (conocer) to recognize
no te he reconocido con ese sombrero I didn't recognize you in that hat
reconocer algo/a algn por
le reconocí por la voz I knew o recognized him by his voice
2 (identificar) to identify
tuvo que reconocer el cadáver de su hermano he had to identify his brother's body
3 (considerar) [+gobierno, hijo] to recognize
no le reconocieron como jefe they did not recognize him as their leader
reconoció al niño como o por suyo
4 (admitir) to admit
reconócelo, ha sido culpa tuya admit it, it was your fault; hay que reconocer que no es normal you have to admit (that) it isn't normal; reconozco que no existen pruebas I admit that there is no evidence; el acusado reconoció los hechos the accused admitted what he had done; me reconoció el mérito de haberlo hecho he gave me the credit for doing it
5 (agradecer) [+servicio] to be grateful for
6 (Med) [+paciente] to examine
7 [+terreno] to survey; (Mil) to reconnoitre; spy out
8 (registrar) to search
pronominal verb
se ha reconocido culpable he has admitted his guilt
Verb Conjugations for reconocer
Gerund: reconociendo
Participle: reconocido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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