recoger basura

recoger basura
intransitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. to pick up trash (United States) 
¿Quién me ayuda a recoger basura? Este lugar está muy sucio.Who can help me pick up trash? This place is really dirty.
b. to pick up garbage (United States) 
Pasamos la mañana recogiendo basura del parque.We spent the morning picking up garbage from the park.
c. to pick up rubbish (United Kingdom) 
Si no te gusta recoger basura, entonces no la tires al piso.If you don't like to pick up rubbish, then don't throw it on the ground.
Recogimos toda la basura que quedó tras el concierto.We picked up all the litter that was left after the concert.
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