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transitive verb
1. to demand, to ask for (pedir, exigir)
  • le he reclamado todo el dinero que me debe I've demanded that he return to me all the money he owes me
  • la multitud reclamaba que cantara otra canción the crowd clamored for her to sing another song
2. to demand, to require (necesitar)
  • el negocio reclama toda mi atención the business requires o demands all my attention
3. to ask for (llamar)
  • te reclaman en la oficina they're asking for you at the office
intransitive verb
4. to protest (protestar) (contra against); to complain (contra about) (quejarse)
transitive verb
1 [+herencia, tierras] to claim; [+derechos] to demand
reclama su parte de los beneficios he is claiming his share of the profits; reclamar daños y perjuicios to claim damages; reclaman mejores condiciones de trabajo they're demanding better working conditions; reclamar una deuda to demand payment of a debt; reclamaron su presencia ante el tribunal they demanded him to appear before the court
2 [+atención, solución] to demand
esto reclama toda nuestra atención this demands our full attention
3 [+aves] to call to
intransitive verb
(quejarse) to complain
fui a reclamar al director I went and complained to the manager; reclamar contra algo to complain about sth; reclamar contra una sentencia (Jur) to appeal against a sentence
pronominal verb
reclamarse [+aves] to call to one another
Verb Conjugations for reclamar
Gerund: reclamando
Participle: reclamado
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