masculine noun
1. receipt (de compra); bill (informal) (del gas, de la luz)
  • al recibo de tu carta… -> on receipt of your letter…
  • acusar recibo de -> to acknowledge receipt of
  • ser de recibo: ->
  • no sería de recibo ocultarle la situación -> it wouldn't be right not to tell her the situation
  • no es de recibo que nos traten así -> it's not on for them to treat us like that

recibo [ray-thee’-bo]
1. Reception. (m)
2. Receipt, discharge, acquittance. (m)
  • Acusar recibo -> (Com.) to acknowledge receipt
3. Visit, entertainment or reception of friends. (m)

1 (factura) bill; account
recibo de la luz electricity bill
2 [de dinero] receipt
acusar recibo (de algo) to acknowledge receipt (of sth)
ser de recibo
no es de recibo que... it is unacceptable that ...
estar de recibo [+persona] to be at home; be at home to callers; [+traje, objeto] to be ready for collection

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