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masculine noun
1. (sales slip) 
a. receipt 
Si no encuentro el recibo de este vestido, no podré devolverlo a la tienda.If I can't find the receipt for this dress, I won't be able to return it to the shop.
2. (invoice) 
a. bill 
Tengo que ir al banco a pagar el recibo del agua de este mes.I need to go to the bank to pay this month's water bill.
3. (action of receiving) 
a. receipt 
Favor de confirmar el recibo de este paquete llamando a nuestra oficina.Please confirm receipt of this package by calling our office.
1. (de compra) 
a. receipt 
2. (colloquial) 
a. bill 
al recibo de tu carta…on receipt of your letter…
acusar recibo deto acknowledge receipt of
no sería de recibo ocultarle la situaciónit wouldn't be right not to tell her the situation
no es de recibo que nos traten asíit's not on for them to treat us like that
1 (factura) bill; account
recibo de la luz electricity bill
2 [de dinero] receipt
acusar recibo (de algo) to acknowledge receipt (of sth)
ser de recibo
no es de recibo que... it is unacceptable that ...
estar de recibo [+persona] to be at home; be at home to callers; [+traje, objeto] to be ready for collection
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