1. (general) 
a. aceptado 
It may be a received belief but I don't agree with it.Puede que sea una creencia aceptada pero yo estoy en desacuerdo con ella.
b. común 
Just because it's a received idea doesn't make it true.Solo por que sea una idea común no quiere decir que sea cierta.
c. popular 
Tina doesn't let received opinions change her ideas about things.Tina no deja que las opiniones populares cambien sus ideas de las cosas.
1. (idea, opinion) 
a. común, aceptado(a) 
received pronunciationpronunciación estándar
received [rɪˈsiːvd]
[+opinion] aceptado; [+wisdom] popular
the received wisdom is that ... la creencia popular es que ...; it came to represent received wisdom in classical Marxist theory llegó a ser parte de lo que se daba por sentado en la teoría marxista clásica
Eubank has taught himself to speak with received pronunciation there were some fascinating variations on Received Pronunciation # the word "next", for instance, becomes "necks" it will change profoundly the ruling ideologies and attitudes to life, and much that now has the status of received wisdom will soon strike us as being shallow and barren Lenin's theory of imperialism soon came to represent received wisdom in classical Marxist theory MADNESS were the essential singles band of the Eighties # at least that's the received wisdom. I challenge it the judgments expressed in the book are largely what is called received opinion - where my own judgment is given, that fact is clearly signposted Geminians will devour books and delight in finding passages which disagree with received opinion
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I received
he received
she received
I received a postcard
recibí una tarjeta postal
I have received
he recibido
they received
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