Recaudo in English | Spanish to English Translation
masculine noun
  • a buen recaudo in safe-keeping
  • poner a buen recaudo to put in a safe place
1. spices and condiments (condimentos) (Chilean Spanish , Guatemalan Spanish, Mexican Spanish)
1 (Economía) collection
2 (cuidado) care; protection; (precaución) precaution
estar a buen recaudo to be in a safe place; poner algo a buen recaudo to put sth in a safe place
3 (Jur) surety; security
4 (Centroamérica) (S. Cone) (México) (especias) spices; condiments
5 (Centroamérica) (S. Cone) (México) (legumbres) daily supply of fresh vegetables
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