1. (memory) 
a. la memoria (F) 
lost beyond recallperdido(a) irremisiblemente
transitive verb
2. (remember) 
a. recordar 
to recall doing somethingrecordar haber hecho algo
3. (defective goods) 
a. retirar del mercado 
4. (library book) 
a. reclamar 
5. (politics) (United Kingdom) 
to recall Parliamentconvocar un pleno extraordinario del Parlamento (fuera del período de sesiones)
recall [rɪˈkɔːl]
1 (recollection) recuerdo (m); (ability to remember) memoria (f)
His recall of Grandma's death, family vacations, and major purchases never failed the visit triggered a vivid recall of my pre-war life in Paris This recall of childhood experiences appeared to accelerate Sonia's therapy she had something approximating photographic recall she is a remarkable young lady in that she has an excellent recall
those days are gone beyond recall aquellos días pasaron al olvido
party unity now looks lost beyond recall the reasons for their action quickly float away out of reach and beyond recall friends who were now gone beyond recall the family has owned it for years beyond recall
he has no recall of what he did no recuerda nada de lo que hizo
everyone dreams, but some [have] no recall of doing so
to have total recall tener una memoria infalible
he had a good memory, and total recall of her spoken words the defendant, who claimed to have total recall of the events leading up to the fatal shots
2 (calling back) [of Parliament] convocatoria (f) extraordinaria; (Mil) [of troops] nueva convocatoria (f)
of sports player he was celebrating his recall to the England team it would be great to get a recall to the England squad for Sweden the opposition leader has requested the recall of parliament to debate the economy and foreign affairs arrangements were made for recall of reservists
3 (withdrawal) [of ambassador] retirada (f); [of defective product] retirada (f) (del mercado); (US) [of elected official] destitución (f); (Mil) [of troops] retirada (f)
the recall of ambassador Alan Green is a public signal of America's concern he resigned in protest at the recall to Delhi of the governor, Mr Jagmohan General Motors has announced the recall of more than 900,000 of its cars for safety repairs Remington had ordered a shaver recall in Europe the campaign for her recall is not expected to succeed severalstudents are circulating petitions for recall and referendum elections Mr Shah has condemned the security forces for the use of force and called for their immediate recall
to sound the recall tocar la retirada; tocar retreta
transitive verb
1 (call back) [+Parliament] convocar en sesión extraordinaria; [+ambassador, capital] retirar; [+sports player] volver a llamar; [+library book] reclamar; [+defective product] retirar del mercado; (del mercado) (Mil) (call up) llamar; (US) (Pol) (dismiss) destituir
Dean Richards has been recalled to the England squad for Saturday's match with Wales I had done enough after being recalled against Pakistan to have got on the tour to India Parliament was recalled from its summer recess Spain has recalled its Ambassador after a row over refugees seeking asylum at the embassy if the book is already out on loan it can be recalled the company said it was recalling one of its drugs and had stopped selling two others more than 3,000 cars were recalled yesterday because of a brake problem the government passed a bill to recall reservists I would recall everybody's [attention] to the fact that ...
2 (remember) recordar
Alison vividly recalls the first time she met him "she was always on about modelling," her teacher recalled I recalled the way they had been dancing together can you recall your feelings at the time of his death? to recall [how]/[what]/[when] ... can you recall [how] you felt?
I can't recall exactly what we agreed no recuerdo exactamente en qué quedamos
I know she left but I don't recall when colleagues today recall with humor how meetings would crawl into the early morning hours I can't quite recall whether ...
I don't recall saying that no recuerdo haber dicho eso; I seem to recall that ... creo recordar que ...
Henderson recalled that he first met Pollard during a business trip to Washington /you will recall that I sent you a warning/ of troubled times - well now, almost everything I forecast has come about
3 (bring to mind) recordar a
it recalls the time when ... recuerda a aquella ocasión en la que ...
the towers of the house recall the architecture of the Victorian era the climate recalled his own homeland this music recalls the past
4 (Comput) volver a llamar
the writing is recorded electronically so can be erased or stored in a memory for recall later
intransitive verb
I'm sorry, I don't recall lo siento, no recuerdo; as I recall ... según recuerdo ...; que yo recuerde ...
he was a mathematician, as I recall as I recall, you're not on the board, Joe; you're only a minor shareholder now as I recall, last lesson we were looking at the way plants scatter their seeds
Verb Conjugations for acordar
Gerund: acordando
Participle: acordado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
yome acuerdome acordéme acordabame acordaríame acordaré
te acuerdaste acordastete acordabaste acordaríaste acordarás
él/ella/ acuerdase acordóse acordabase acordaríase acordará
nosotrosnos acordamosnos acordamosnos acordábamosnos acordaríamosnos acordaremos
vosotrosos acordáisos acordasteisos acordabaisos acordaríaisos acordaréis
ellos/ellas/ acuerdanse acordaronse acordabanse acordaríanse acordarán
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