masculine noun
1. message (mensaje)
2. errand (encargo)
  • hacer recados -> to run errands

recado [ray-cah’-do]
1. Message (mensaje), errand. (m)
2. Present, gift sent to an absent person (regalo). (m)
3. Compliments sent to the absent. (m)
4. Provision of things necessary for some purpose (compras). (m)
5. Outfit, all needed implements for doing certain things. (m)
6. Precaution, security. (m)
7. Instrument, record. (m)
8. Saddle and trappings of a horse (montura). (America) (m)
9. Greetings (saludos). (Caribbean) (m)
  • Recado de escribir -> escritoire, writing-desk
  • A recado -> a buen recado, with great care and attention
  • Hacer un recado -> to go out on an errand

1 (mensaje) message
chico de los recados messenger; errand boy; coger o tomar un recado (por teléfono) to take a message; dejar recado to leave a message; enviar a algn a un recado to send sb on an errand; mandar recado to send word
salir a un recado salir a hacer un recado to go out on an errand
2 (provisión) provisions
; (p)
daily shopping
3 (equipo) equipment; materials
; (p)
recado de escribir writing case; set of writing materials
4 (Latinoamérica) (montura) saddle and trappings
5 (Caribe) (saludos) greetings
; (p)
déle recados a su familia give my regards to his family
6 (regalo) gift; small present

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