1. (the truth or what is real) 
My philosophy professor believes that reality is an illusion.Mi profesora de filosofía cree que la realidad es una ilusión.
2. (a true fact or event) 
The young singer made her dream a reality when she was able to sing a duet with her idol.La joven cantante hizo su sueño realidad cuando pudo cantar a duo con su ídolo.
3. (true representation) 
The novel's complex characters and plot give the story reality and depth.La complejidad de los personajes y la trama aporta realismo y profundidad a la historia.
1. (general) 
a. la realidad (F) 
in realityen realidad
reality TVla televisión de los reality-shows
reality [riːˈælɪtɪ]
1 (real world) realidad (f)
let's get back to reality volvamos a la realidad
he had never seemed able to face reality he is out of touch with reality a sense of reality from a very early age they are able to distinguish between fantasy and reality fiction and reality were increasingly blurred psychiatrists become too caught up in their theories to deal adequately with reality to [bring sb back] to reality when Yorke began to attract more than his fair share of media attention, /his manager brought him back to reality/ Ireland's rugby union team were brought back to reality yesterday with a drubbing from New Zealand his plan existed more on paper than in reality the sound was far more menacing in reality than in the movies
2 (fact, truth) realidad (f)
the harsh reality of daily life la cruda realidad de la vida diaria; let's stick to realities atengámonos a la realidad
the realities of the situation the reality is that they are poor the party was a reality long before it became official they regard themselves as helping their patients to accept thisreality the harsh reality of top international competition other psychoanalysts do accept the reality of child sexual abuse
to become (a) reality convertirse en realidad
he had the satisfaction of seeing his dream become a reality the whole procedure that made this book become a reality he said that Israeli control of the occupied territories must be relinquished before Middle East peace can become reality
in reality (actually) en realidad
he seemed rather abrupt but, in reality, he was just nervous they imagined that they made the rules but, in reality, they were mere puppets on the radar screen a tiny green blip was in reality an iceberg a mile long
3 (trueness to life) realismo (m)
the reality of the performances was quite striking
reality TV (n) telerrealidad (f)
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