Reading in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. lectura (f) (action, pastime)
  • reading age nivel (m) de lectura
  • reading glasses gafas (f pl) para leer
  • reading list lista (f) de lecturas
2. (measurement)
  • to take a reading from the gas meter leer el contador del gas
3. interpretación (f) lectura (f) (interpretation)
reading [ˈriːdɪŋ]
1 (activity) lectura (f)
suggestions for further reading sugerencias de lecturas suplementarias; I only know about it from reading todo lo que sé sobre ello es a través de lo que he leído
2 (also reading matter)
the book is or makes interesting reading el libro es or resulta interesante; I'd prefer some light reading preferiría algo fácil or ameno de leer; preferiría algo que no sea muy pesado de leer
3 (interpretation) interpretación (f); (Cine) (Teat) [of part] lectura (f)
her reading of the part
my reading of the situation is this así es como yo interpreto or veo la situación
his reading of the judge's verdict was that ... I do not agree with his reading of history his dynamic reading of the score the economy of the production was matched by Simon Halsey's elegantly dynamic reading of the score readings of key Elizabethan texts by Lyly, Ralegh and Chapman
4 (on thermometer, instrument) lectura (f)
to give a true/false reading [+instrument] marcar bien/mal; readings of more than 40°C are common es normal que los termómetros marquen más de 40°C
the reading is ...
to take a reading of sth hacer una lectura de algo; leer algo
I need to take a reading of your blood pressure start working my way around the cabin, taking readings: water temp, pressure, volts, and amps I'll be right back with the electronic meter to take a reading
5 (passage) lectura (f)
readings in the philosophy of religion a reading from the gospel according to St. Luke
6 (recital) [of play, poem] recital (m)
people remember him giving readings of his poetry in the regional public library the first reading of the play went pretty badly
7 (Parl) [of bill] lectura (f)
the bill has had its first reading el proyecto de ley ha pasado por su primera lectura; to give a bill a second reading leer un proyecto de ley por segunda vez
8 (Jur) [+of will, banns] lectura (f)
9 (knowledge)
a person of wide reading una persona muy leída
the reading public el público que lee; el público lector; he's a great reading man es un hombre que lee mucho; es hombre muy aficionado a la lectura
reading age (n) nivel (m) de lectura
he has a reading age of eight tiene el nivel de lectura de un niño de ocho años
a child of reading age
reading book (n) libro (m) de lectura
/he took out his reading book/, which was where he kept the picture your bedtime reading book reading comprehension test she would spend hours at her reading desk there were several books propped up on the reading desk an ordinary reading glass (magnifier) is a good example of a simple microscope
reading glasses (n) gafas (f) para leer
it looks like I need reading glasses
reading knowledge (n)
she has a reading knowledge of Spanish sabe leer el español
reading lamp reading light (n) lámpara (f) para leer; lámpara (f) portátil
a little reading light that you clipped onto your book he switched on the reading lamp on his desk he switched on his reading lamp, got into bed and started to read
reading list (n) lista (f) de lecturas
they've just given me the reading list for the first year of the course they had it withdrawn from the reading lists of some high schools and junior colleges
reading matter reading material (n) material (m) de lectura
parents who voice their concerns over the reading matter available to students some reading matter is not appropriate for children take some reading matter for the journey
reading room (n) sala (f) de lectura
the reading room of the British Museum
reading speed (n) velocidad (f) de lectura
at the end of the course his reading speed had almost doubled people anxious to improve their reading speeds
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