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1. (general)
a. striped
un animal rayadoa striped animal
b. stripy (informal)
una camisa rayadaa stripy shirt
2. (paper)
a. ruled
papel rayadoruled paper
b. lined
papel rayadolined paper
3. (damaged)
a. scratched
un disco rayadoa scratched disc
4. (figurative)
a. crazy
estar rayadoto be crazy
b. nutty
un hombre rayadoa nutty man
c. loopy
un maestro rayadoa loopy teacher
d. fanatical
un estudiante rayadoa fanatical student
masculine noun
5. (general)
a. stripes (pattern)
el rayado del vestidothe stripes of the dress
rayado, -a
1. striped (a rayas) (tela); ruled (papel)
2. scratched (disco, superficie)
3. (informal) (loco)
  • estar rayado, -a to be a headcase o (CSur) nutter (British)
masculine noun
4. stripes (rayas)
1 [+papel] ruled; lined; [+tela, diseño] striped
2 [+disco, mueble] scratched
3 [+cheque] crossed
4 (loco) cracked (familiar); crazy
5 (S. Cone) (fanático) extreme; fanatical
1 (en papel) ruling; ruled lines
; (p)
(en tela, diseño) stripes
; (p)
striped pattern
2 (Caribe) (Automóviles) no parking area
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